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The cover of Rock Me Gently caught my eye because like the author, I spent a considerable time in a childrens home run by the same order of nuns as described in the book.Once I began reading Rock Me Gently, I could not put it down Here is a book that is not only extremely well written, but should recognised as is a real life story about a girl who was brutally treated by her carers within a convent in Sussex Originally installed in the institution whilst her mother looked for somewhere for them to live, Judith discovered that the nuns were monsters, venting their anger and frustrations on their helpless charges in the form of emotional, physical and sexual abuse This book is a perfect example of how the human spirit can provide strength in the toughest of situations Judith Kelly s courage and determination saved her from all of the suffering that she endured at such a young age and this is depicted in chapters where she worked on a kibbutz in the 1970 s Kelly s story is also a living testament of resilience With the help of her mentor, Miriam, a survivor from the Nazi Holocaust, she is transformed into an emotionally healthy and competent adult.Anyone who has read the paperback version of Rock Me Gently will see from the evidence at the back of the book that Kelly s story is a true one My advice therefore to all those who criticise this book is tell the truth, you obviously haven t read it andimportantly, look at your motives for making spiteful comments about this extremely important story. This book was here at the Condo so put the rope back and started reading this one ne of those unbelievable tales of abuse and recovery even if she had to go spend to Israel and a Kibbutz to do it. I ve often read the controversies surrounding memoir but regardless of whether it is completely truthful or come with a slight exaggeration, I believe the gist always remains the same The author tries to portray the horrifying experience, and as common as it is, usually alteration takes place, no IMO, as long as you don t change every single event or claim that they happened when they don t, I m fine.As for this particular book, it does bother me to know that the author unintentionally her claim plagiarise other works while researching on styles to better help in expressing her feelings We would never know the truth about what really happened but maybe the content should matterOverall, it has been quite hard to read at first, but as it progresses, things started to fall into place and everything makes sense There are many questions about countless events that I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW MORE but she didn t provide further explanations info. A true story of life for so many children It was heartbreaking Just imagining the daily strife of these little ones Written lovingly, it really draws you in to the different personalities of the convent children and their strength and resilience. ( Download Book ) ♭ Rock Me Gently ♩ In The S, Shortly After Her Father S Death, Judith Kelly Was Left In The Care Of Nuns At A Catholic Orphanage While Her Mother Searched For A Place For Them To Live She Was Eight Years Old Far From Being Cared For, Judith Found Herself In A Savage And Terrifying Institution Where Physical, Emotional, And Sexual Abuse Was The Daily Norm And The Children S Lives Were Reduced To Stark Survival As The Months Became Years And No Word Came From Her Mother, She Sought Comfort Instead From The Girls Around Her, And Especially The Bright, Angel Voiced Frances, Who Seemed Miraculously Untouched By The Nuns Persecution And The Abject Misery Surrounding Her When A Tragic Accident Robbed Judith Of Her Dearest Friend, The Traumatic Memories Of The Event Were To Trouble Her Deeply, Long Into Her Adult Life Years Later, At A Kibbutz In Israel, Judith Met And Befriended An Elderly Holocaust Survivor It Was A Friendship That Began With An Instinctive Recognition Of The Fear And Suffering Each Had Experienced, And One That Would Begin An Emotional Journey Culminating In Judith S Return To The Nazareth House Orphanage To Confront Her Memories And To Achieve Some Measure Of Peace Updated And Revised By The Author To Confront Her Critics, This Astonishing, Moving, And Deeply Shocking Memoir Resonates In The Mind Long After The Final Page Such a sad and tragic story Heartbreaking and devastating but I definitely recommend it This was an inspirational book ,to hear of the resilience the children had and how their spirit s never wavered this was also a horrifying and sadly common story of a Covent in the 1950s, it really showed the inhumanity and cruelty of the nuns towards these poor children it was a gripping story right from the start of how Judith first enters the Covent asher mother was searching for a place for them , to her finally escaping the hell hole and how she felt guilty at leaving the girls behind because she had feared they would be beaten worse now, which shows the psychological warfare the nuns put these girls through so they were not just physically trapped but mentally imprisoned too.The horrible abuse these nuns put these girls through unfortunately followed them through to their adulthood as of course such horrific abuse would, but Judith writes about how she came to terms with what happened to her and made attempts to move on with her life.She visits one of the nuns left to hopefully get answers as to her horrific time spent in the Covent but to no avail, the nun even at first tried to denie who she was and then tried to justify her actions by saying the children were very hard to keep control of and that she had tried the soft touch but only the hard way seemed to work this shows the lack of remorse or understanding of the pain and anguish the nuns inflicted upon these girls.I think maybe they did understand but to these sick individuals these children weren t seen as humans but the bottom of society.Unfortunately at the time this was how society perceived these children , but in actual fact it was the nuns and priests and anyone else who felt this that were the scum of the earth and should be ashamed of themselves and some imprisoned , these were bright young people with loving hearts and brilliant minds who did not deserve the horrific childhoods they were given. It wasn t a bad book, it just wasn t great either The authors note at the start where she basically admitted to stealing phrases lines and ideas it s supposed to be her memoirs doesnt put you in the best frame of mind to start with She compares herself to Jayne eyre Umm nope The convent side of the story is good and interesting although after the authors note is less believable The Israel side of the story was rushed and slightly needless Yes it fleshed out the book but it was nowhere near as interesting and I don t think added anything I almost wanted to skip these parts to get to the good stuff so to speak. I often get flashbacks of the scene in the movie of little princess amidst reading this book However this book portrays inhumanity to a different level, justifying cruelty and savage act with religion which can be related to what is happening around us now attacks in the name of religion this book focuseson the impact it had on the victim , the struggles she have to overcome to blend in the society again All it takes is to have someone to talk to. Wat een prachtig, ontroerend maar zeker ook verbijsterend boek.Bewondering voor de schrijfster, dat zij dit vreselijke drama zo op papier heeft kunnen zetten.Ik hoop dat zij en alle andere slachtoffers toch nog geluk in hun leven hebben gevonden.