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Dove si narra di baffuti controllori bulgari, strani giornalisti, eredit indesiderate, alberghi distinti e molto altro ancoraKosztol nyi l ennesimo tesoro che ho scoperto grazie ad Anobii sospiro di nostalgia leggendo le recensioni al suo Korn l Esti se passate di l , andate a leggervi quelle di Anina e di Maxxam66 un paio d anni fa ho deciso di acquistarlo Lui mi ha aspettata pazientemente sullo scaffale per tutto il tempo, ogni tanto lo prendevo in mano e gli davo una spolverata, poi lo riponevo al suo posto Oggi finalmente arrivato il suo momento.E un romanzo Una raccolta di racconti Non so sono tredici storie che hanno in comune il protagonista, appunto, Korn l Esti La prosa schietta, le atmosfere retr , il gusto agrodolce, il protagonista surreale ma pi vero del vero , ne fanno una lettura piacevolissima, a tratti incantevole Mi sono proprio divertita in compagnia di questo ungherese un po pazzo e ho messo altri suoi due libri tra i miei desideri A presto, Desz o dovrei dire Korn l Mah Second read through Kosztolanyi s final novel and of what is translated into English his best Based on the premise that you can t be an interesting writer if you re not an interesting person Kosztolanyi splits his identity to maximize his potential There are many facets to this episodic adventure and it really lends itself to re reading The most obvious comparison is the Swift like consideration of how varied environments provoke varied responses A good writer should be able to draw from a life lead with courage and attention to detail and this is exactly what id is drum fill please, thank you Esti is the id the instinctual to K.s ego Kosztolanyi warns that the governing of life is exactly the problem and Esti will not be governed nor would he be much of a writer without a less chaotic mindset Esti is tossed and shoved through his stories with little ability to control situations but a very strong attention to detail which renders all experience as a rich set of signifiers that illuminate life The story breaks down into several vignettes that reinforce these central themes Some are direct than others but all are held together by two obvious elements Kosztolanyi s amazing writing skill and the cyclopean vision of an aging man who sees his own death on the horizon makes this just as poingnant as it is entertaining Death seems to lurk behind many of the stories and the contrast of the finality of death with the vibrance of life makes for a very long, low, and sonorous wavelength This is one of my favorite writers and largely because he really respects and loves his readers His words are funny, richly detailed and often very beautiful His passion for life is obvious and his need to reconcile death as the work of the philosopher will be familiar to any reader of Montaigne Those who have read the recently discovered work of Khrzizhanovsky will appreciate Kosztolanyi s ability to write around the concept of a great idea Non verbal communication, material excess and the nature of friendship and self identification are a few of the central concepts that are encapsulated as brilliant episodes that will not soon leave your memory There are just so many elements to love about this work, Kosztolanyi has an epicurean passion about food and drink that seems common amongst the best Hungarian writers Krudy, Banffy, Moricz, Orkeny, Zilahy, and Dery to name a few and his Rabelaisean joy of life is present on every page His intelligence is never selfish and always apparent.Every once in a while a book comes along that makes me want to buy a case of copies so I can distribute them to everyone I m remotely interested in sharing pleasure with This bound with Gargantua and Pantagruel and a volume of Kharms short stories would be the perfect grouping Another point of comparison would be Zoschenko who used humor and rapier like wit to entertain and critique society at the same time If you found Swift to be a bit too condescending and Rabelais a bit too rambling and indulgent you should consider Kornel Esti as the perfect balance between bawdy joy and social criticism And now that my work desk appears before me, this review can only fade away as the walls of sleep have become indistinguishable from the cubicle that serves chiefly as a bulletin board for my 4 year old daughter s increasingly awesome drawings I hope one day she will read this review, this book and the dedication to her that I ve penned on the inside cover If Salinger has read this he might have added a few quotes to Buddy s wall This is one of my most cherished reads and I can t fawn enough over Kosztolanyi only Harpo Marx brings me as much joy as an entertainer. Mai stato liberoDeszo Kosztolanyi stato uno scrittore dell Ungheria imperiale, un poliglotta e un poeta, dandy e boh mienne, in lotta contro le tradizioni positiviste per un rivolta borghese che fondasse l esistenza unicamente nell arte, nel nichilismo irrefrenabile e nel valore fantastico della vita e su questi antivalori ha costruito la sua opera letteraria, che muove verso un formalismo onirico esasperato e capovolge le esperienze realiste in una disorganizzata cultura del disincanto e dell umorismo Gi noto per i suoi lavori, non volle dimenticare la giovinezza di fronte a guerra e dissoluzione politica e diede cos vita all alter ego folle e sregolato di Korn l Esti, uomo che si trova a suo agio solo tra donne licenziose, caff notturni e oltraggiosi versi La sua Budapest cos marginale ospita avventure estetiche e immorali sperperare un eredit senza farsi scoprire, conversare con un controllore in treno facendogli credere di conoscere il bulgaro, annegare una vedova disgraziata, guarire un presidente di circolo che dorme divinamente sui discorsi dei conferenzieri, con altro perfetto sonno Il mondo transitorio, ci ricorda Bruno Ventavoli, curatore del testo in versione incompleta, e gli opposti convivono, bont e cattiveria, a e odio, solitudine e amicizia Anche se il nulla appare cos potente, Korn l Esti non pu fare a meno di affezionarsi al mondo, alla sua improbabile natura cos nostalgica e inafferrabile Korn l Esti corre cos con le illusioni, vive tra piccole follie, in un selvaggio guazzabuglio, dove lo stile di vita pi naturale il meno saggio e ragionato, ma il pi bonario e felice Questo libro nasce nella disperazione e nella rivolta, nel nome di una radicale fragilit Korn l mescola con magia la memoria dell infanzia e il desiderio di amare, si immerge in una incoerente comicit e rappresenta l alterit dell autore in modo obliquo e problematico, essendone sulla carta fratello e contrario in definitiva, un frammento infedele. Description Crazy, funny and gorgeously dark, Korn l Esti sets into rollicking action a series of adventures about a man and his wicked doppleg nger, who breathes every forbidden idea of his childhood into his ear, and then reappears decades later.Part Gogol, part Chekhov, and all brilliance, Kosztol nyi in his final book serves up his most magical, radical, and intoxicating work Here is a novel which inquires What if your id loyally keeping your name decides to strike out on its own, cuts a disreputable swath through the world, and then sends home to you all its unpaid bills and ruined maidens And then What if you and your alter ego decide to write a book together Opening I In which the writer introduces and unveils Korn l Esti, the sole hero of this book. I HAD PASSED THE MIDPOINT OF MY LIFE, WHEN ONE WINDY day in spring, I remembered Korn l Esti I decided to call on him and revive our former friendship.Many times my eyes have slid over Fiume where it raised a in my necktop computer Korn l Esti will henceforth be remembered as the book where I veered off into finding out the goodswas an independent free state which existed between 1920 and 1924 Its territory of 28 km2 11 sq mi comprised the city of Fiume now in Croatia and, since the end of World War II, known as Rijeka and rural areas to its north, with a corridor to its west connecting it to Italy. wiki sourced Picture finding a friend during those traumatic first days at school, and then years later, you decide to sit down and write a book with that friend, well that is, in a nutshell, what this book is about It is vital to mention that this edition is in tiny print using silver grey ink absolutely dreadful on the eyes. Originally published in 1936, this is the seminal work of a famous Hungarian writer I was drawn to the book by its alluring description Crazy, funny and gorgeously dark, Korn l Esti sets into rollicking action a series of adventures about a man and his wicked doppleg nger, who breathes every forbidden idea of his childhood into his ear, and then reappears decades later.Sadly, I was disappointed Great introduction, but the book quickly degenerated into a series of what I found to be uneven short stories The longer they were, the less interesting they became Were author Dezso Kosztolanyi still alive, I would suggest the sage acronym of KISS, which is ironic given than one of the stories are about kisses. Flabbergasted, I stared at these nightmare figures, who had certainly either in my imagination or in real life at one time lived and breathed, and were now black and dead and cold, like glowing embers after they ve cooled, died down, and crumbled to ash I didn t know them They, however, knew me and recognized me Some I told them to go and see Kornel At that they smiled Asked for a personal description of him And at that they derisively pointed at me They asked for his address There I couldn t really help them My friend was most of the time traveling abroad, sleeping on aircraft, stopping here and there for a day or two, and to the best of my knowledge had never yet registered with the police Kornel Esti certainly existed, but he was no legal entity So however innocent I know myself to be of all these terrible crimes, the case against me didn t look good For Kornel s sake I didn t expose myself to the unpleasantness of confrontation I had taken upon myself all his debts, his tricks, his dishonesty, as if I were responsible for them all.Although Dezso Kosztolanyi s triumph, Kornel Esti, was written in 1933, it feels contemporary and fresh with a perfect balance of style and imagination as anything you might read in McSweeney s or the New Yorker Kornel Esti is a collection of vignettes, touching, comical and surreal, based on the idea that we all have two lives the one we live and the one we want to live And if you re artist, do you experience life as art or do you sacrifice that in order to be an artist Throughout the fragments of the narrator s life, which is stolid and quiet, he invents his alter ego, Kornel Esti, who he allows to do all the things he can t When he is young, Kornel encourages and seduces him to do things that he is not supposed to do With the aplomb of a true imp, he encouraged me to say dirty words, one after another, to watch girls getting changed through cracks in cubicles in the summer, and to pester them during class with my improper desires he made me smoke my first cigarette and drink my first glass of palinka he gave me a taste for the pleasures of the flesh, gluttony and fornication And as he goes through life, the warring factions of his consciousness, good vs not so good, flesh out into a truly unique character When he is an adult and confronted with a weeping widow who knows of his written works, he tells her I am not a good man, Esti protested inwardly I am a bad man Well, not a bad man Just like anybody else The fact that I retain my old, pure feelings only and exclusively for purposed of expression is a trick of the trade, a piece of technical wizardry, like that of the anatomist who can keep a heart or a section of brain tissue that hasn t had a feeling or thought for ages in formaldehyde for years and years Life had left me numb, like it does everybody who reaches a certain age Despite this confession, he helps her Even after he helps her repeatedly, she remains unhappy and he is driven to shake her with frustration, realizing that he continued to help her out of some need of his own just as much as she wanted to to remain unhappy In another vignette, he happens upon the greatest hotel in the world A hotel where everything is free, he is serenaded to sleep by a chorus of male staff and awoken by a chorus of female staff, and the hotel help resemble famous personalities like Schopenhauer and Edison In the end, he forgets to pay his hotel bill and comes to the conclusion that to pay such a wonderful hotel for its services would be gross tactlessness These are the imaginings and rationalizations captured in these stories of a life never lived Or fully lived, depending on how you look at it Within the stories of Kornel s life, there is an ephemeral albeit honest tinge of loss and the improbable At times I couldn t help but think that Robert Coover must have a picture of Kosztolanyi hanging above his desk for inspiration Kosztolanyi s style is so erudite and so real the reader immediately knows that they are in the hands of a rare and gifted storyteller.Because he was also a poet, the prose is precise and beautiful Like an expensive piece of clothing that we want but know we can t afford, Kosztolanyi offers us the dreams and realities that we can walk through but never experience And he makes us wonder what our lives would be like if we all had a Kornel Esti The line between art and life has never been clear, but sometimes it s better when it s not. La conferma di un grande autoreIl libro contiene tredici racconti basati sulla figura di Korn l Esti, sorta di alter ego ribelle e politicamente scorretto dell autore che, viene specificato all inizio, infatti nato nello stesso giorno ed alla stessa ora di Kornel.Alcuni racconti sono veramente strepitosi, venati di una ironia e di un cinismo che portano il lettore ad un amaro sogghigno Su tutti, a mio avviso, svetta il capitolo nono, satira feroce dell animo tedesco ed elogio della tolleranza nell arte, attraverso la figura del Barone von W stenfeld che, presiedendo una associazione letteraria, ha la capacit di dormire durante ogni conferenza.Bellissimo e spassosissimo anche il racconto del capitolo settimo, nel quale Korn l intavola una discussione con un controllore di treno bulgaro non conoscendone la lingua Tutti i racconti sono comunque molto belli gli ultimi virano verso un amaro ed anche cupo cinismo che riflette probabilmente la situazione sociale e personale che l autore viveva nell Ungheria degli anni 30.Accanto al romanzoAllodolaquesto un libro che mi ha permesso di scoprire un grande autore del novecento mitteleuropeo, non a caso ammirato da Thomas Mann. &DOWNLOAD ✗ Esti Kornél ↠ Crazy, Funny And Gorgeously Dark, Korn L Esti Sets Into Rollicking Action A Series Of Adventures About A Man And His Wicked Doppleg Nger, Who Breathes Every Forbidden Idea Of His Childhood Into His Ear, And Then Reappears Decades LaterPart Gogol, Part Chekhov, And All Brilliance, Kosztol Nyi In His Final Book Serves Up His Most Magical, Radical, And Intoxicating Work Here Is A Novel Which Inquires What If Your Id Loyally Keeping Your Name Decides To Strike Out On Its Own, Cuts A Disreputable Swath Through The World, And Then Sends Home To You All Its Unpaid Bills And Ruined Maidens And Then What If You And Your Alter Ego Decide To Write A Book Together Korn l Esti l altro, quello che sta fuori e ha uno sguardo diverso Ma anche l altra parte di noi stessi, quella capace di donarci una seconda prospettiva, e di piLa nostra amicizia risale a prima della mia memoria , masi fece pi profonda quando spuntarono sulla fronte i primi brufoli, germogli porpora nella primavera dell adolescenza Eravamo pappa e ciccia Leggevamo e discutevamo io gli davo contro, confutavo con veemenza le sue vedute sacrileghe Una cosa certa, fu lui che mi inizi a tutte le cose cattive All epoca fu lui a illuminarmi su come nascono i bambini, mi spieg lui per la prima volta che gli adulti sono dei tiranni tumefatti, giallastri, che puzzano di tabacco e non meritano alcun rispetto perch sono pi brutti di noi e moriranno prima lui mi incoraggi a non studiare, a poltrire a letto la mattina il pi a lungo possibile anche a costo di far tardi a scuola, lui mi indusse a forzare di nascosto i cassetti di mio padre e ad aprire le sue lettere, fu lui a portarmi libri e cartoline triviali, quelli del tipo che bisognava tenere davanti alla fiamma della candela, lui mi insegn a cantare, a mentire e a scrivere poesie, lui mi incit a dire a voce alta parole scurrili, diverse l una dall altra, a spiare d estate attraverso le fessure delle cabine dei bagni le ragazze che si spogliavano, a molestarle alla scuola di ballo con le mie richieste sconvenienti, lui mi fece fumare la prima sigaretta, lui mi fece bere il primo bicchiere di p linka, fu lui ad avvezzarmi ai piaceri della carne, della gola e alla lussuria, scopr lui per me che anche nel dolore vi un incanto segreto, fu lui a farmi strappare la crosta dalle ferite pruriginose, lui mi dimostr che tutto relativo, e che un rospo pu avere un anima proprio come un direttore generale, fu lui che mi fece amare gli animali muti e la muta solitudine, lui mi consol quella volta che soffocavo tra le lacrime di fronte al feretro e sempre lui mi fece il solletico ai fianchi, facendomi scoppiare in una risata sulla sciocca incomprensibilit del trapassare, fu lui che sostitu di frodo ai miei sentimenti lo scherno, alla mia disperazione la ribellione, lui mi consigli di schierarmi dalla parte di quanti vengono disprezzati, incarcerati e impiccati dalla moltitudine, lui mi conferm che la morte per sempre, e lui volle farmi credere anche a quella dannata menzogna, alla quale mi opposi con le unghie e coi denti, ovvero che Dio non esiste La mia natura integra e sana non accett effettivamente mai queste teorie eppure sentivo che sarebbe stato bene liberarsi dalla sua influenza e chiudere definitivamente con lui, solo che ormai ero troppo debole per farlo Evidentemente lui mi interessava ancora e poi gli dovevo molto Era il mio maestro e io gli ero debitore della mia vita, come era in debito col diavolo chi gli aveva venduto l anima When I first opened this book I was expecting a type of 1930s Fight Club , with a Hungarian Tyler Durden causing mischief on the streets of Pest But what I got instead was a sort of surreal Hungarian Seinfeld with Dezso Kosztolagnyi and his alter ego Kornel Esti sitting eating soup and talking about well, nothing though with slightly emotional depth And it is five different kinds of brilliant The writing on its own is worth the price of admission, many of Esti s short stories often are set on trains, trams or Budapest coffee houses with other writers and mischief makers, just hanging out One of the better stories has Esti on a train travelling through Romania having a conversation in a language he doesn t understand a plot line which would have happily filled a half hour episode in Seinfeld In fact you could almost play a game Kornel Esti or Seinfeld 1 The sea was angry that day, my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli 2 Experience has taught me that much Whenever I m not paying attention to the conversation or don t understand something, I always say Yes This book may have been first published in the 1930s, but this has to be the best book of 2014.