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!FREE DOWNLOAD ☨ Dragons From The Sea (The Strongbow Saga #2) ♂ The Thrilling Strongbow Saga Continues With This Fierce Sequel Chronicling The Adventures Of A Young Man Learning The Ways Of The Viking Warriors As Fifteen Year Old Halfdan Embarks On A Perilous Mission In A Foreign Land, He Shows Signs Of Greatness But Will He Live Up To His Family Name, Or Die Trying Author And Viking Expert Judson Roberts Draws On His Detailed Knowledge Of This Bloody Time And Culture To Bring A Young Hero S Exploits To Life Constant action and interesting scenarios, conflicts, and resolutions set in the woods in times of old. a novel can won me easily if the protagonist is the narrator, so that was one star , as for the rest I have absolutely no idea what is attracting me to this, is it Halfdan s voice which I highly suspect is the main reason or the non stop ,no fillers plot, the event calm down and then suddenly sparkle again, I think the well balanced plot is a major key in this one, cos if I am asked what is so special about it, I totally have no idea, but it is intriguing and amusing to read and I just want to know what will be next. an exciting viking sagaRoberts remains true to the known history and culture of the Vikings, while effectively using artistic license in the telling Even readers of Snorre s sagas can enjoy this tale. Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadToo.comThe year is 845 A.D and fifteen year old Halfdan Hroriksson vows to find and kill the man who murdered his brother, Harald He travels to the fortress, Hedeby, where he hopes to join the crew of a Viking longship and go i viking The fierce, epic STRONGBOW SAGA continues with this exciting sequel, following the adventures of a young man learning the ways of the Viking warriors Halfdan is ready for action, armed with an amazing longbow that he made himself, and an axe that he took from a man that he killed Halfdan s skill as an archer gains him acceptance into the crew of the Viking ship, The Gull, as it embarks on a quest to conquer the Franks The large armada of Viking ships sail to make war on the Franks, the followers of the white Christ, and their sworn enemies The electrifying battles and dialogue that fits the era feel realistic it s a can t put down chronicle with fast action and a multi level plot Judson Roberts extensive research is evident in this thrilling Viking yarn with compelling characters Halfdan s honor and loyalty make him likable and sympathetic even when his violence is intense, frightening, and explicit, as it sometimes is in the fierce battles depicted in this provocative story The back of the book has a complete list of the characters, along with the part they play in the story, and a glossary of Viking terms, which I found very helpful I greatly enjoyed this novel and I m looking forward to the next volume in this electrifying saga I m definitely hooked on this series, and impatient for. I am enjoying this series Great story line with likable characters Lots of action throughout the book. I loved this book I couldn t put it down It completely topped the first book and I once again loved Halfdan He is such a character and so real I was in stiches throughout this book Probably because at times he reminds me of a main character in a story of mine, but he has such a dark and dry sense of humor.I know she is supposed to be a lady like type of girl..buttttttt Genevieve got on my nerves quite a bit She whined and cried too much Sure she had spirit, but I sided with Halfden I almost wanted to be rid of her at times.The entire time he captured his little band of prisoners I was laughing I felt no pity for the people The woman were complete idiots I felt worse for Halfden who had to put up with their antics then the two wailing infants that were unfortunate enough to be kidnapped by him Hush Clothilde She said in a frightened voice Do not anger him He is a Northman He will kill you He will kill us all The screaming stopped There are some advantages to a blood thirsty reputation.I just about died from laughter at that part Genevieve and Clothilde are such.I have no words for the two of them Or maybe I just found that part funny because I read it at 2AMI really enjoyed Dragons From the Sea Sure it was gritty, violent, and a bit gory at points But these people are Vikings I loved how historically accurate the world is and like I said, I couldn t put it down It was really good Judson Roberts created such a unique character and story. Dragons From the Sea is another great book of this Viking saga about young Halfdan I m totally hooked on this series At 15 years of age, Halfdan has proven himself as a worthy warrior to travel on the Jarl s ship to make war on the Franks In this book, Halfdan meets the famous Viking warriors Ragnar, Bjorn Ironsides and Ivar the Boneless Halfdan has sworn a blood vengeance on Toki and his men who killed his brother Harold That quest must be set aside for now.This story is once again rich with characters The backdrop of the story is equally rich in description The author is careful to keep Halfdan as a teenager and not make his character act older By Dane standards, Halfdan is a man by age He still has to continually prove himself as being a talented warrior and woodsman So there is this constant struggle where Halfdan is put into dangerous adult situations and he has to draw on his raw courage and talent to overcome his fear and inexperience Haldan does manage to make friends and mentors who are willing to help and guide him along the way I have been listening to the audio books of this series Jeff Hays does an outstanding job narrating the story There are also sound effects throughout the book which help enhance the story The sound effects used sparingly and effectively throughout the story This is an immensely entertaining story that is based on real history but reads like a YA fantasy tale. I was able to steal this book from Sarah she s on page 252 and finished it very quickly I was anxious to see where our hero Halfdan would go next He is still not quite out of danger and I was glad for every friend he encountered now that he is so very alone I laughed out loud at the declaration, I could not believe my good fortune We were going to war Boys who have never seen war have such a romantic view of it.What I love about this character is his humility and integrity His religion dictates that his fate may be woven by the Norns, but he also understands that when action is needed, he is the one that will need to act and he will not lie down and wait for an act of the gods to deliver him Yet he will honor them with a sacrifice when he wants to show gratitude He is true to the person he has always been even though he has found a place among the warriors So often when people make a change they can be unbearable and go through a period of making fools of themselves to fit their new status only to be brought back down in humility having learned that they should just be themselves.I was frustrated when I reached the end of the book only to be left on the verge of another adventure I will be looking to get the third book sometime this coming week. I loved Viking Warrior and was really hoping for a solid sequel Dragons From the Sea is definitely satisfactory After the encounter with Toke and his men that left Halfdan without home or family again , Halfdan has sworn a blood debt to avenge Harald by killing Toke and the other murderers among his crew But first he needs to gain some standing before other men or his claims will be ignored and Toke will certainly kill him before he has a chance to kill Toke He ventures to apply for a position on a Viking ship At first he is refused because he is a beardless youth , but after proving that he is an excellant shot with a bow, and that he has blacksmithing skills, he is invited aboard The Danes are planning to make war against the Franks to the south and many warriors board long ships and help in the taking of the Frankish town of Ruda Rouen Although he wants the plunder and spoils of war, Halfdan soon realizes he has not the heart to steal from the poor or from farmers even if they are the enemy Many things happen along the journey and Halfdan must find a way to face every new encounter and decide if he is a killer or a warrior Judson Roberts has done an excellent job in crafting not only a first rate series, but a flawed character that we nontheless really care for Bravo