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I read the books in this series just because the titles are so fun and the interaction between the two main characters, Debbie Sue and Edwina, makes me laugh Some of the lines are laugh out loud funny. Thanks but no thanks The author tried way to hard to create quintessential small town Texas Nothing really happened until the last third of the book Don t waste your time. Quick, funny summer read I always enjoy anything from Dixie Cash Fun reads in between somethingintense They are funny. I have really enjoyed the series of books from Dixie Cash I hope the sisters will continue writing The expressions and the characters Debbie Sue and Edwina are hilarious. Great book I really enjoyed reading once I finally had the time to sit down and read it Good for an easy and light read. |Download ♫ I Cant Make You Love Me, but I Can Make You Leave ♪ When Someone Makes A Killing In The Country Music Business, It S Time To Call In Debbie Sue And Edwina The Domestic Equalizers Whose Motto Is, Don T Get Mad, Get Evidence The Career Of Former Queen Of Country Music, Darla Denman, Ain T What It Used To Be No Big Arenas She S Lucky To Fill A Barroom And Now She S Forced To Tour By Bus With The Detestable Roxie Jo, Current Wife Of Darla S Manager Ex Husband So When Her Rattletrap Tour Bus Gives Up The Ghost Outside Tiny Salt Lick, Texas, The Faded Nashville Star S Thrilled To Find Loyal Fans And Sympathetic Ears In Debbie Sue Overstreet And Edwina Perkins MartinBut When Her Nemesis And Upstart Backup Singer Roxie Jo Turns Up Dead In Her Dressing Room Which Bears An Uncanny Resemblance To A Cleaning Supply Closet Darla Finds Herself In Trouble Than A Dixie Chick In Merry Old England Luckily Debbie Sue And Edwina Are Not Only The Proud Owners Of Salt Lick S Best Beauty Parlor But They Also Moonlight As Private Detectives And If The Domestic Equalizers Can T Get To The Bottom Of A Murderous Musical Mess, Then No One Can Another great book by Dixie Cash I absolutely love this series Edwina and Debbie Sue are always getting themselves in trouble This time they get wrapped up in a country singer s comeback tour Murder is involved with so many possible suspects And or course Debbie Sue and Edwina think they can help solve it I love all the laugh out loud moments this series offers This is definitely a series I will reread many times Always hilarious, Dixie Cash s cozy mysteries with a steel magnolias twist are my go to books when I need something lighthearted This time, the Domestic Equalizers, Debbie Sue and Edwina, volunteer their services to a faded country music queen accused of murder Debbie Sue s husband Buddy always tells them to let the professionals handle it, they never do, and they usually always end up in a pickle But somehow everything turns out all right Dark endings are just not a Dixie Cash thing. It was a lighthearted readIt ended rather abruptly I will read another book by this author to see if they are all like this one.