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Reading Level Grades 3 5Marcus, a baker s son in Ancient Rome, is thrust into danger when he inadvertently takes possession of Incitatus, the beloved horse of the blood thirsty Emperor Caligula.Other ancient world adventures include The Wadjet Eye by Jill RubalcabaDetectives in Togas by Henry Winterfeld andAtticus of Rome by Barry DenenbergFor book reviews from the HPPL Youth Department, click here. Not sure what or where the author was going with thison the plus side it was a short simple read perfect for the struggling reader but because of the actual story the reader would have to be about ten years old and that would place them in fourth or fifth grade my opinion is it clearly is not a story for the lower grades if only because it is loosely based on Caligula and lets face it third graders aren t really doing Caligula Marcus is bringing home an empty bread cart when out of the blue this kid runs by and drops the horse reins into his hand before taking offsince Marcus can t seem to shake loose the horse he takes it home where his family berates and belittles him for being the worst curse the family has ever hadreally and then Marcus decides to take the horse back where it belongs and ends up being rewarded by being gifted with the animalnot sure any of it read with effort than words on paperthe art work was niceso I am going with a practice read for the struggling fifth grader otherwise pass and grab a book with meat Read Book ⚖ Most Wanted ⚒ While Making His Daily Deliveries, A Baker S Son Suddenly Finds Himself Holding A Stallion S Golden Lead Soon The Boy Discovers That This Isn T Just Any Horse, It S The Most Powerful Creature In All Of RomeWhat Will The Mad Emperor Do If He Finds The Boy With His Prized Horse Cut Off His Head Or Worse Marcus was out making his bread deliveries when he is handed a horse by a slave and not just any horse, but the purple bedecked consul , Incitatus Rumor has it that the emperor Little Boots Caligula is dead, and Marcus fears for the safety of the horse He takes the horse home to his family s home and bakery and starts to think that he may also have endangered his family His grandfather was killed by Little Boots, whose madness is portrayed in a number of scenes The family decides that the right thing to do is to take the horse to the new emperor, Claudius, and hope for the best.Strengths So many This is a short book with large type, but the details about every day life in Rome are vividly portrayed This book makes the weirdness of Caligula s reign seem understandable, which makes it perfect for our seventh grade curriculum Jonny Duddle s illustrations are reminiscent of Robert Lawson think Ferdinand and really add a lot to the story Considering that this is a 5.7 Accelerated Reader level and just 2 points long, I may be buying two copies of this.Weaknesses Why were Duddle s illustrations not used on the cover They had a You Wouldn t Want to Be book quality that would have appealed to reluctant readers. A companion to Thompson s Highway Robbery, Most Wanted begins in a nearly identical fashion a young lad simply minding his own business is handed the reins of a horse and told Take care of him I ll be right back He comes to realize it is the consul Incitatus, horse of the much feared Emperor Gaius, or Little Boots as the common folk called him When soldiers begin to approach the lad, he unthinkingly mounts the horse and begins a wild ride through the streets of Rome, ultimately coming to his family s compound Knowing having the horse could lead to their deaths, the family decides to hide the horse until they come up with a plan Thompson has written another short, easily read, humorous tale, just right for younger independent readers. A swift, funny, and, yes, educational read for 8 to 12 year olds who love horses On a cold winter day in 1st century Rome, the narrator, a baker s young son, finds himself holding the reins of a beautiful white horse Then he s being chased by soldiers and then, to his horror and his family s, he discovers the horse belongs to the cruel emperor Caligula, and he and his family are liable to be punished as horse thieves What can Marcus do to rescue himself and his family The plot moves along as briskly as Incitatus the horse, and Thompson s dry wit is delightful As with her earlier books in the series, an experienced reader may wonder whether Marcus is a reliable narrator, but that is part of the charm A fun book It may not aspire to great heights, but what it sets out to do, it does perfectly. Based on the real incident of a Roman emperor threatening to appoint a horse to high office, this is a very short tale of the chaos that came to Rome at the fall of the emperor Caligula For purposes of making the story exciting, the author changed the tale slightly, so that Caligula actually has appointed his horse as a consul.Because the focus is so narrowly on the horse and a boy who rescues him, the tale moves along very swiftly There is very little room for character development of any peripheral characters, but younger readers won t miss it, as the boy and the horse are very clear in the reader s mind.The story is very interesting and an amazingly quick read. Set in the Roman Empire, young Marcus is a baker s son on his way back home when a slave boy hands him an expensive looking stallion s lead and runs off It turns out the horse is none other than the Consul Incitatus himself When rumours start flying that the Emperor is dead and soldiers are out looking for Incitatus, Marcus must try to protect the horse and find out what is really happening A quick read, this is a good early chapter book illustrations help create the characters and add to the story. Award winning British author Kate Thompson, perhaps best known for The New Policeman, transports us to ancient Rome in her newest book, a slim volume perfect for those just starting out with chapter books When the book opens, our hero, Marcus, a humble baker s son, suddenly finds himself holding a magnificent horse one with a blanket of royal purple, a collar studded with precious jewels, and a lead rope of solid gold This is no ordinary steed this is Incitatus, named as Consul by the crazy Emperor Gaius Caligula, referred to in the novel as Little Boots because he often wore miniature soldiers boots as a child Something big is happening, but all Marcus can do is head for home on the back of the noble horse, who outruns soldiers and jumps over carts to make it back to Marcus family compound With the horse temporarily hidden away in the family bakery, the family learns that there s a rumor the emperor is dead And what to do with the horse Marcus grandmother insists he s signed a death sentence for the whole family by bringing Incitatus to their property But in the meantime, he s a consul, and must be treated as an honored guest Marcus, as Incitatus new companion, soon is witness to the coronation of the next emperor, Gaius stuttering uncle Claudius, and saves Incitatus from sacrifice to the gods A happy ending is in store as the horse, stripped of his consular ranking, takes on a new role delivering bread to the people of Rome.An author s note at the end of the book explains that while Caligula and Incitatus actually existed, Caligula never really made Incitatus a consul, although he threatened to do so This book s fast paced story, with its mix of adventure, humor, and some history as well, should appeal to those children who are just stepping up from beginning readers to chapter books The book is abundantly illustrated with whimsical, cartoon like black and white drawings by Jonny Duddle which add both humor and immediacy to the narrative It s also a good choice for horse lovers who are looking for something different than the usual girl focused horse stories. There s something about Kate Thompson s writing that I just like Her books are slim and, as far as adult readers may be concerned, slim in character development as well, but she tells a great story Kate Thompson is a storyteller, no doubt about it.This story takes place just as the death of the emperor Caligula is announced, but is the announcement real or a trick The most important thing to know about Caligula the real man and the character is that he was absolutely insane and his reign was, in a word, frightening The terror the characters all feel is palatable as they try to decide what to do about the predicament they find themselves in.As people, the characters weren t overly developed, but this isn t that kind of book The strength of this book is that the main character is vessel for you to use to insert yourself into the story In this way, I was sucked into the story and felt like I was actually there It was so much fun reading about the events I was at the edge of my seat wondering how things would work out , but it was also pretty educational.For such a small book, there s a whole lot of historical facts packed in I love history and know a decent bit about Roman history already, but the target audience will probably be enthralled by all of the fantastic but true historical details Kate Thompson also completely avoided lengthy paragraphs with dry facts These details just flow naturally and never felt like they were bogging down the story.This would be a perfect book to read aloud and a great addition to classroom shelves I highly recommend this for the target audience 9 12 as well as older readers I think even adults will find enjoyment here, though know you re getting of a well told short story than a full novel.P.S The cover illustrator is ok, but the illustrations inside the book are amazing The people are cute and the horse is gorgeous.Originally posted at Small Review