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Essential read for youth ministry. [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ↚ The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul Tending for Youth Ministry ☂ Amazing E Book, The Godbearing Life The Art Of Soul Tending For Youth Ministry By Kenda Creasy Dean This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Godbearing Life The Art Of Soul Tending For Youth Ministry, Essay By Kenda Creasy Dean Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This is an excellent book for anyone who works with youth In addition, many of the principles could be utilized by anyone during discipleship ministry to help keep the right perspective and purpose. The heart of ministry Kendra Creasy Dean has her finger on the pulse of the spiritual side of youth ministry i chose to read The Godbearing Life as part of my Sabbatical study Although i found parts of this book a little outdated published in 1998 a lot has changed in the lives of youth with technology, etc since then I still found this book useful for understanding the deeper side of youth ministry.i particularly liked chapter 3 titled Heeding While Herding As youth leaders pastors volunteers we are than just a shepherd there to protect and look out for our flock of teenagers our job or should i say calling goes beyond that protection is for naught unless the flock follows the shepherd home Jesus Christ is the home we aim to lead our adolescent youth to but with that calling come barriers Barrier 1 Me Tarzan, You Jane i.e The Messiah Complex youth leaders cling to the idea that we must fetch youth and save them the problem with that is that it can lead to a ministry that begins and ends with the youth leader not Jesus The Godbearing alternative Entrainment stopping and listening to the breath of the Spirit within us that is the breath of God and aligning our rhythm with Him Barrier 2 McFaith i.e the Manager complex when we feel like our need is to be efficient we run the risk of making faith easy for teens Sort of a drive thru mentality can invade our way of managing our ministry We end up managing chaos trying to keep every aspect of the youth ministry afloat We know that our teens are used to everything instantly now and thus we attempt to give them a faith that is fast and easy The Godbearing alternative is teaching students and maybe ourselves to wait patience is needed and essential to one s Spiritual life We need times of rest and times of sabbath we need time to process our faith we need to wait on God with expectant hearts Barrier 3 Called but Clueless i.e the Duh Complex We affirm youth rightfully so We encourage them and boost there self image as self esteem is such a difficult thing for most teens but do we affirm them with the absence of expectation does not enhance one s self image i loved the example laid out in the book of Mary, the mother of Jesus the neat thing is that while Mary expected God to move as promised by Gabriel God expected Mary to fulfill her calling As much as Mary believed in Him, He believed in her.The Godbearing alternative is discernment We need to pay attention and call attention to God If we encourage youth we must empower them as well show them we believe in them Show them that God believes in them Profound stuff for anyone who works with teens This book is a worthwhile book and should be a must read for any new youth worker It very well may enable them to connect with teens on a deeper, spiritual level. The upshot of sanctifying grace is sanctification the making of saints out of sinful people like you and me a concept lost on many contemporary Christians but front and center to the history of our faith Godbearing youth ministry stops at nothing short of holiness, perfect love, robust and unapologetic Christian maturity, the setting apart of persons in community for transparent witness to Jesus Christ Whoa.Alas, this book has some seriously challenging readability issues About three quarters in, I realized it was due to the multiple points of view It shifts from third person text book style, to second person advice giving, to first person antidotes without providing enough voice distinction between the two authors So if you think you can get through that, there s a lot of good stuff worth gleaning. Kenda and Ron have articulated the practice, passion and pitfalls of youth ministry to a T Having never been formally trained as a youth pastor, I felt validated by this book and the ministry I currently offer and share with youth as an ordained pastor It is a must read for workers of youth It is a must read for pastors who are inspired to offer the most to their church s young people There are just a few outdated illustrations related to the changes in modern media since the mid 90 s when the book was published But it is still a vital resource and motivator for those who minister and serve the Church s youth. Very worth the readit talks about all the important things that are easy to forget in ministry It s not a how to kinda book, but it will challenge you to reconsider some of how you approach youth ministry or reinforce and help to clarify why you do what you re already doing The only reason I gave it four stars is because it s a bit dated It also is written from the perspective of vocational pastors and to vocational pastors That said, the underlying principles are timeless and widely applicable, even to part time or volunteer youth leaders Basically, if you re in youth ministry, you re attempting to be a God Beareryou should probably read the book. I was very impressed with this book Focusing on relationships with the youth versus entertaining them, the authors give a very good alternative for youth ministry as well as ministry in general It was quite a poignant point when they point out how currently educational and catechetical methods currently found in most modern Christian churches fail to integrate the youth with the congregation The result is a feeling that one is graduating out of their belief systems versus being inducted into a new way of life Dean really focuses on providing guidance to youth and raising expectations for youth as well as a give them an insight into how they should live their lives. This is a helpful discussion of practicing the faith with youth Adults are encouraged to live the faith we try to teach our students to live If we are not shaped by practices that point to the God who is perfect, then we will be shaped by practices that point to imperfect gods instead I love the focus on perfection as process not product It s a book to read and re read until we get it right.