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Actually, this was read as an audio book It was pleasant to have the words interpreted as well I listened to it while on an 18 hour car ride Nevada Barr writes a mystery series based on a park ranger named Anna Pigeon and based at different national parks This is only the second for me The first was based on the park in the Florida Keys This one based in the Rocky Mountain National Park Having visited RMNP several times, I thought it would be fun Anna is newly assigned as one of the head rangers at the park Along with the seasonal rangers and the locals, one of the main characters in this story is a woman who was paralyzed while rock climbing, and still coming to grips with it The mystery begins when two young girls come out of the woods to the paralyzed woman They were two of three girls missing for about 6 weeks They were all residents of a strange religious community described as a breakoff from Mormonism that to explain one of the occurence of polygamy The questions are where is the other girl Where have these two been they claim amnesia The mystery unfolds with a complex set of suspects, lots of clues and frankly a horrific ending It reminds me of some other mysteries which are quite brutal at the end when the hero confronts true evil Frankly again frankly I don t really like brutal endings While, of course evil is defeated there are residual effects that are only acceptable because this is fiction Bleah.The writing is good She is an excellent story teller and the detail is wonderful, especially with such beautiful settings Occasionally there is a sentence or phrase that is either very poetic and memorable or too much of a cliche It departs from the conventional story telling It doesn t detract but does remind me that this is a creative work I enjoyed the story and the mystery was well done I did not appreciate the brutality It was essential to the story but. Another excellent story in the Anna Pigeon series although with a little bit from other people s perspectives which I didn t particularly care for I had a few questions like how the media described the girls disappearance in the first place All that was talked about was how they were found in the beginning of the book Also, at one point Anna talked to Heath about something privately and it was never clear what they talked about An another big problem that bothered me from the beginning was that the man who was with the kids when they disappeared was never brought in for questioning But despite those, it was a good read as I always expect from Barr and I eagerly await reading the next one. I usually love Nevada Barr s stories, but this one was a bit hard to read because of all the violence Either I ve gotten sensitive to it or Nevada Barr stepped up the gory details in this book. So why do I read Nevada Barr She writes these little whodunit murder mysteries set in National Parks that are mostly fun little reads As a former NPS employee, she captures the park service culture very well, which adds to the amusement, because that is one of the cultures I live in She is also famous for thinly veiling some of her characters, so when she writes about a park you ve worked in, it is always fun to try to guess who some of the characters are The ironic thing is that the most evil person I have ever known in the NPS or at least the one I have the least respect for , she painted like a rose Personally, I think he paid her a bonus check to do that There s no other logical explanation That was not this book, however.And why I am getting tired of Nevada Barr She also hates men or appears to , so most men in the books with the exception of Anna s lovers and the one exception above are painted pretty badly That can get grating after several novels I enjoyed her earliest books the most, and they ve tended to get annoying as you go along, with this one being the worst yet The topic is awful, and she claims some of the characters used to be Mormon, although they are clearly a spin off from Fundamentalists instead, but she clearly doesn t know the difference It s also clear she doesn t know anything about Mormons and did not get anyone to review those sections for believability She claims one character got a Master s in liturigical music at BYU I had to look that up , and then worked in a temple for a couple years after college as if that was his job And her portrayal of the women was even worse, but I don t know much about Fundamentalists than she does, and I assume that s what she was really trying to describe under the wrong name Granted, people can leave the church for any reason and make any choices at any time, but there should be enough resemblance to make it credible, and she failed miserably on this one. Three little girls have gone missing in Rocky Mountain National Park and searchers have found nary a hair until two reappear at an RV housing two women an elderly woman and her crippled niece Where have they been and what have they suffered during the six weeks they were missing And what gives when their family a religious cult refuse medical treatment and take them home to admit their sins and to pray for forgiveness It is the new world Ann Pigeon walks into just days after marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson Now she has a mystery of the girls to contend with along with getting to know her new employees and new territory And she is dealing with the disabled woman a former ice climber who is angry as can be about her life until she falls for one of the found girls It is that that drives her as much as justice drives Pigeon in seeking for answers in the three girls prior life and the situation what threw their world upside down.There are plenty of suspicious characters to go around but its up to Pigeon to separate fact from suspicion and to resolve the issues before there are deaths. Im a huge fan of Anna Pigeon but this is my least favorite thus far I give it three stars because it was well written enough to keep me up reading, wanting to finish this book, and yet I found it to be horror cross over than mystery I actually like horror but not when I expect a mystery, the cat abuse scenes were horrid, as was the end of the novel.the end was satisfying but in a Silence of the Lambs Children of the Corn sort of wayyet Barr tried to wrap it up with usual Anna Pigeon charm which seemed awkward and inappropriate given the extreme subject matter of this particular installmenta page turner, but disturbing than expected and I think the author was in too big of a hurry to end it on a semi pleasant note like the rest of the series. Just days after marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon moves to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park When two of three children who d gone missing from a religious retreat reappear, Anna s investigation brings her face to face with a paranoid sect and with a villain so evil, he ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end Book description from.Horrible, gut wrenching stuff happens to kids in this story and that made this a tough read for me Still an incredible book though Anna is one of those characters who just resonates with me I can relate to her love of nature, her love of animals, and her love for the parks system I can also relate to her feelings about God, especially in this book And then there s the fact that although she s non religious, she fell in love with and married a religious man I can relate to that as well.This chapter in the Anna Pigeon series gives us another strong character to connect with Heath Jarrod A mountaineer recently confined to a wheelchair, Heath is angry with her new circumstances She feels helpless, isolated, and lost When she finds two terrified, malnourished, and barely clothed little girls near her camp, her life changes again She wants nothing than to protect them and she will not allow her physical limitations to prevent her from doing so Love Heath But back to the horrible, gut wrenching stuff the story revolves around it There s a religious cult on the outskirts of the park they believe in little but prayer and their leader Even those who have lost faith in the leader are terrified of the government than they are of him And somewhere nearby, within or without the cult, is the person responsible for the two girls Heath found and the girl still missing The girls are so traumatized by the experience, or terrified that they still are not safe, that they will not identify who held them They have good reason for their fears The person who held them is a psychopath who takes pleasure in degrading and dehumanizing others and bending them to his will His ability to appear normal allows him to escape suspicion The clues are there but with a obvious suspect in the area, and other odd events happening, Anna does not make the connection until she unwittingly places herself in a precarious position Nearly 1 3 of the book focuses on each harrowing detail of her attempt to escape him.Hard Truth has a dark, disturbing storyline and it s not for everyone There are optimistic moments and wolf pups , but it s still a difficult read Make sure you allow time to immerse yourself in something pure and light afterwards something that will renew your faith in the world You ll need it. Since I discovered the Anna Pigeon series a few years back, I ve tried to read one or two every year or so Hard Truth by Nevada Barr is the 13th book in the series and the 12th I ve read so far Anna Pigeon is a US Park Ranger and each book is generally set in a different US National Park, where Anna has found herself transferred for one reason or another.In Hard Truth, Anna, newly married, has been transferred to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, filling the position of district ranger This will mean a year away from her husband who stays back at Natchez, Mississippi She has arrived at this position as the park has conducted a search for 3 lost girls, all belonging to a religious commune that resides just outside the park proper.The story starts with Heath and her aunt Gwen Littleton who are camping in the park Heath is an ex mountain climber who was paralyzed in a fall and is still adjusting to her new life as a paraplegic and not going about the process too smoothly The two discover two of the lost girls, both traumatized, both suffering injuries and dehydration This brings Anna into the situation as well The story now moves between the two women, Heath coping with her new limited body and trying to help one of the young girls, Beth, or as she calls her, the limpet Anna, while working to learn the job in her new area and also to learn about the other rangers who work there also works to discover where the other lost girl might be and who might have been involved in kidnapping them The two girls, themselves, still traumatized, offer not too many clues as to what happened to them.It s is at times a slow paced story but still very interesting as Anna tries to sort things out in her mind and to find clues to what might have happened We get a decent view of the park as well The story gets darker and grittier as it moves along and the pace picks up rapidly as everything starts to fall together There are many suspects that Anna must try to sort through and in the end must try to close out the case all the while trying to keep herself, the girls, Heath, and others alive from a dangerous, psychotic killer As in most of her stories, Nevada Barr doesn t disappoint 4 stars Hard Truth, a mystery set in Rocky Mountain National Park, is the story of a ranger Anna Pigeon who ends up in a seemingly impossible situation one in which you know she ll be triumphant that involves a creepy religious commune, missing and abused children, and a psychopathic serial killer who loves torturing living creatures Not exactly a fun novel to curl up with on a summer night This is part of a series of books about Anna and I have not yet read any of the others I might give another a try, though Just the barest hints of her personal life come through in this book and I d like to know.The story is far fetched, similar to the crazy stories about Temperance Brennan in the Bones series of books If I was a astute mystery reader, I might have figured out whodunit a lot faster than I did It was a disturbing book as we all know there are people like that serial killer out there but the story is so overblown it takes the edge off of it a little bit.This book is not exactly light hearted fluff, but it s basically an easy read with almost non stop action and enough intriguing characters that if you like this type of mystery, it can keep you reading on to the end. `Book ⇬ Hard Truth ⇫ Just Days After Marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon Moves To Colorado To Assume Her New Post As District Ranger At Rocky Mountain National Park When Two Of Three Children Who D Gone Missing From A Religious Retreat Reappear, Anna S Investigation Brings Her Face To Face With A Paranoid Sect And With A Villain So Evil, He Ll Make The Hairs On The Back Of Your Neck Stand On End