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Often when reading post colonial works there is a feeling that alternate realities are being described, dream states and counter histories which have been suppressed or erased by the official history Hagedorn performs such an archaeological procedure in her ferocious and volcanic work, Dogeaters, a text which systematically dismantles the ruthlessness and heartlessness of the Marcos regime, as well as indicting the American colonial presence which still lingers in the Philippines in the form of Hollywood films, American servicemen, and the long shadow of global capitalism and conspicuous consumption Her heroes are the forgotten and marginalized members of a society the hustlers, the whores, the transvestites, and the guerrilla rebels who dare to resist the lies perpetrated by the First Lady and President and the military economic power structure that support them. My Year End 2012 and Year Start 2013, of course ReadFirst read perplexingSecond read still somehow perplexingThis book is filled with too many perplexing events Too many perplexing people Perplexing Hagedornish writing style I had the difficulty of reading between the lines of trying to understand what the author was trying to say But perhaps that was because, as much as I love Historical Fiction, I don t know much about my country s I m Filipino, by the way history the heyday of The President and his First Lady Madame Iron Butterfly whichever this ma arte woman prefers Or was I just distracted by the Noche Buena the dessert in the fridge yum yum or the noisy Welcome 2013 or the early class come back January 3 and the compliance of requirement that followed BUT I liked it, nevertheless I gave it four stars really liked it I liked Jessica Hagedorn s ability of connecting seemingly disjointed events By the way, when the first sign of this disjointedness commenced with the King of Coconuts, I thought Really So this is what I bought my precious 549 pesos with rubbishBut along the way, she drew these people together this people who are a disparate group of characters as what the back part of my paperback says.I also liked Hagedorn s allusions The President and his First Lady Madame Iron Butterfly for example They re obviously you know who and Senator Avila view spoiler Senator Avila who was assassinated by unknown hoodlums with many a bang bang because, simply because Because he s a leftist Hagedorn alludes to Senator Benigno Aquino who met the same fate probably because he was in opposition to the imposition of the Martial Law Oh History hide spoiler @FREE EPUB ⚟ Dogeaters î In Dogeaters, Jessica Hagedorn Has Transformed Her Best Selling Novel About The Philippines During The Marcos Reign Into An Equally Powerful Theatrical Piece That Is A Multilayered, Operatic Tour De Force As Harold Bloom Writes Hagedorn Expresses The Conflicts Experienced By Asian Immigrants Caught Between Culturesshe Takes Aim At Racism In The US And Develops In Her Dramas The Themes Of Displacement And The Search For Belonging As Sharp And Fast As A Street Boy S Razor The New York Times Book Review , Dogeaters Is An Intense Fictional Portrayal Of Manila In The Heyday Of Marcos, The Philippines Late Dictator In The Center Of This Maelstrom Is Rio, A Feisty Schoolgirl Who Will Grow Up To Live In America And Look Back With Longing On The Land Of Her Youth Quite a frenetic and schizophrenic book I can see that Hagedorn was attempting to create an intricate picture of the mostly seedy underbelly of Manila but it felt a bit crowded For example, there is a kind of gasp moment near the end that I just shrugged at because I couldn t remember why that character was important I don t know that it benefited from its large cast of characters I also don t like feeling cheated at the end and I felt a bit of that reading the two conflicting accounts of what occurred Thankfully Hagedorn does spend a little time with Rio and Joey, probably the two saner characters in the book Still, I have to think Hagedorn is trying to say something when 90% of the supporting cast consists of druggies, thugs, colonial elitists, corrupt politicians, loveless neglectful family members, and shallow, vapid women The book reads like interweaving vignettes than a novel, and while that makes for exciting reading I do wish Hagedorn spent time developing Joey and Rio I think this book would improve with a second reading, if only because this time I d be familiar with the characters and be able to remember them better by the book s end Must amend the above based on something I just read out of Lisa Lowe s Immigrant Acts On Asian American Cultural Politics which I think is a great way to look at the troublesome format of the book Dogeaters offers scenes, dialogues, and episodes that are not regulated by plot, character, progress or resolution Both the gossip tsismis it features and the format of the novel itself move in a horizontal, or metonymic, contagion rather than through the vertical, or metaphorical, processes of referentiality and signification Spontaneous, decentered, and multivocal, gossip is antithetical to developmental narrative It seizes details and hyperbolizes their importance it defies the notion of information of property 115 And later The association in Dogeaters of insurrection with gossip may refer implicitly to a history of guerrilla strategies that were not centrally organized and to different modes of political practice that have been obscured by the stage of oppositional party nationalisms 119 So my demand for character development can in one sense be seen as a reaction to my looking for a western developmental plotline in a non western text Regardless, I still want to read about Joey and Rio. I can t give a full evaluation of this book as of yet, but I can say that if you re at all interested in learning about gritty side of Filipino politics, history, and identity, then this book is for you The language is cryptic, yet bold, and maybe even brash The way that Hagedorn is able to tell the individual stories of people from various levels of society is masterful I m reading this slowly, as it is very rich in detail and I don t want to miss anything With very mixed reviews, I wasn t sure I was going to opt in when this book was chosen for Wall St Journal Bookclub, but I read the Kindle sample and was hooked Manila in the not too distant past a cast of thousands ok, dozens poverty and privilege vice, corruption, violence, pop culture, innocence, religion, family and friendships Dogeaters has it all With its huge ensemble cast of characters, each chapter of Dogeaters presents the point of view of a particular character This was a common criticism amongst the negative reviews, but for me it kept the story dynamic and interesting My favourite chapters were those focused on Rio the observant young, wise beyond her years daughter of a well off, multi ethnic family and Joey basically a handsome, coke head, hustler DJ With plenty of nods to real people and events in the Philippines during the 70s and 80s, Dogeaters paints a fascinating, unexpected picture of a complex society. This is the second book I ve read that takes place in the Philippines, and like the first book I read about the country Jose Rizal s Noli Me Tangere I enjoyed it very much Such depth in detail of the main characters and locales, the use of real primary sources such as President McKinley s diary entry and farce primary sources to add to the feel of truth v truth printed v gossip Overall, a great piece of literature that I m proud to have added to my collection. Dogeaters is a penetrating analysis of the modern history of the Philippines depicting the harsh realities of a politically corrupt system It reflects the reality of what the current political figures in society are like and how their actions, beliefs, and decisions affect every person in the country on one level or another The connections between the characters are complex and the political dynamic of the Philippines is inundated with deception, controversy, scandal, and intrigue All of the characters have a three dimensional personality that shines through each page It is a cautionary tale illustrating the importance of being a knowledgeable and informed citizen of current political and social issues Instead of being influenced and immersed by popular culture, ordinary people need to be aware of matters of political interest so their voices can be heard in time for positive changes to be made For example, all that Romeo cares about is being a movie star and he is so engrossed in popular culture that he doesn t see reality coming until it ran him over in the street.It is written in non linear experimental prose, a style that attempts to simulate the fragmented information and incomplete understanding that the characters experience so that the readers will also have to view the work through the same narrow lens Although it succeeds in placing the reader in the same fragmented reality as the characters, a partial re read is necessary to grasp the whole picture, and who has time to read books than once these days Remember Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the Philippines, and his wife Imelda with her storage rooms filled with 3,000 pairs of shoes This novel, published in 1990, came out of that era Of course it has to reflect the clash of classes the ultra rich and the have nots So we have one set of characters who are super wealthy tied to the dictator and his cronies, the businessmen, the generals and the high administrative officials who have mansions, luxury cars, lavish parties, servants and beauty pageants The Mrs loves beauty pageants just about as much as she loves shoes.And then we have the downcast folks, particularly some men whose mothers were usually prostitutes and died young and were brought up by a Fagin character who taught them how to be pickpockets and thieves Now that they are older they are bisexual gigolos, drug addicts and some times DJ s or waiters in fancy clubs All the rich men have mistresses, of course, or boys while the poor folk try to grab whatever trickles down their way Politics and violence interferes political assassinations touch some of the characters and some run away to join the guerrillas in the hinterland All these folks, rich or poor, are fast living, fast talking wheeler dealers They have nicknames like Baby, Girlie, Boom Boom, Boy Boy They speak the national language, Tagalog now officially called Filipino , which is blended in with pidgin Spanish, English and Portuguese Almost every page has some Tagalog expressions and, while you can understand some of them in context, a glossary would be helpful for so many unfamiliar words, di ba A lot of local color of Manila and the Philippines, fast paced and a good read. My very first time to read a novel by Jessica Hagedorn born 1949 , a Philippine born American novelist, playwright, poet and multimedia performance artist I purchased my copy of this book in 2010 but postponed reading this several times because of what a friend said that it is similar to Miguel Syjuco s Ilustrado 2 stars That this and Syjuco s are both composed of short stories or vignettes with no cohesion because of the absence of unifying theme That both are trying hard to be seen as postmodern writings only failing in the end.I agree and disagree.I agree because like what I mentioned in my review of Ilustrado, Dogeaters is also composed of short stories culled into a book The only difference is here, one recognizable story is contained in at least one chapter so it is easy to follow the plot and it is enough for me to remember the character and the event before another story and characters are introduced However, there are so many of them that it would have been better if I got myself a pen and paper and jotted down the names of the characters before moving on Also, as interesting characters came in, I forgot already the previous ones like Andres and Trinidad and when they returned towards the end, I had to think hard on which chapter I first encountered them I was also looking for the denouement that will tie up the loose ends in the last chapters just like what F Sionil did with his Gagamba The Spider Man 2 stars but there was none Hagedorn of course, this being a postmodern, probably did not want this to be predictable and so she left the characters as they seem to appear like in frozen in still pictures. That s what s life is, anyway We when part with someone, we don t necessarily have to formally say farewell Sometimes we don t have a chance Sometimes it is better to just leave without saying goodbye.The other similarity between this and Ilustrado 2 stars is that Syjuco and Hagedorn are both Filipino Americans and they exploit the Philippines to their benefits write a novel, gain popularity and undoubtedly make money by writing a book and release it in the US to be read primarily by the American I mean if you are a foreigner and if these books are the only ones you read about the Philippines, you would get the idea that our country is full of crooks, prostitutes, corrupt politicians, underground syndicates, showbiz crazy dimwits and religious fanatics There are nothing positive depicted in these books about the Philippines and the Filipinos It is as if, Hagedorn and Syjuco, now both US based are ingrates of the land of birth and they use what little they knew or heard of the country to shock their American friends.However, Dogeaters is a notch better than Ilustrado because it is better written as it is easier to understand and her characters are definitely memorable Hagedorn has this ability to create pictures in your mind and being a Filipino it is not difficult to do so I was born in the 60 s and Hagedorn left the Philippines a year prior to my birth year 1964 so I still had the chance to see a movie at Odeon and other first class movie houses along Taft Avenue I was already a young man when the Marcos couple was ousted from power by the People Power Revolution in 1986.My first Hagedorn and I think I will rest for sometime before I pick up another book of her I heard that this book is her best so I am not expecting the others to really blow me away.