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Mother.Though this book is a communist propaganda, one cannot simply sideline this book naming so It was slow and boring at times but the reality brought out by Maxim gorky was outstanding The art of realism was at its best The character development of The Mother was just awe The way Gorky have portray the struggle of the working class from the perspective of a mother, was just awesome Recommend for people who love realistic literature, who starve to learn how the world functions.Definitely not for people who love fantasy literature or who read to pass time. [Free] ♭ Мать ⚖ Maxim Gorky, Pseudonym Of Alexei Maksimovich Peshkov, Soviet Novelist, Playwright And Essayist, Who Was A Founder Of Social Realism Although Known Principally As A Writer, He Was Closely Associated With The Tumultuous Revolutionary Period Of His Own Country The Mother, One Of His Best Known Works, Is The Story Of The Radicalization Of An Uneducated Woman That Was Later Taken As A Model For The Socialist Realist Novel, And His Autobiographical Masterpiece Childhood Wonderful book..It tells the story of a mother who takes after her son to socialism and works for it.She is kind and affectionate to her son and all his comrades The story describes how the mother is transformed from a woman who afraid of her husband s beatings tries to make herself inconspicuous to a brave woman who trudges country roads and courts arrests to work for the cause It her wish to be of use to her son which prompts her She has seen her son mature into a leader, thoughtful, stern and respected Like a mother, she loves and grieves for him but quickly takes to her new life of action In disguise, she goes to many places taking books and leaflets At her sons arrest and exile she goes to distribute his last speech in the court to the common people but is caught, arrested and dies in her struggle to be a message to the masses All through we see her love for her son and her struggle to be a mother to him in his cause too In her attempt she comes to love the comrades with whom she gets acquainted and does her best to take the new ideas of awakening everywhere. 4.5 stars contians spoilers Vladimir Lenin said It is a book of the utmost importance many workers, who have joined the revolutionary movement impulsively, without properly understanding why, will begin to comprehend after reading Mother Maxim Gorky was a socialist novelist and a founder of social realism Socialist realism is a style of realistic art that was developed in the Soviet Union It glorifies the roles of the working class and the struggle for its emancipation Gorky is a pen name that stands for bitter in Russian Maxim the Bitter , also the influence of Vladimir Lenin on Gorky thoughts and believes is vivid in this novel he was persecuted by the tsarist government and forced to live abroad for his ties with the Bolshevik Party, and he was a strong believer in the 1917 revolution Mother isn t just a novel, it captures the soul of Russian workingmen lives and gives a better understanding to the reasons that lead to 1917 revolution, knowing how Gorky was connected to Lenin and Bolshevik party, helps for a better understanding to the whole thing i googled all of these information and they helped me understand the novel better even though it s kind of irrelevant in the review Mother, a novel written in 1906, it portraits the pre revolution Russia, and describes the lives of working people and peasants It focuses on the role women played in the struggle, revealing their hardships and brutalization they faced during that era, but also shows their humanity It s an overwhelming story of a mother and what she ll do for her son Pelagueya Vlasova is a revolutionary heroine, she s the mother of Pavel Mikhailovich, the novel s hero, forthan 20 years, she lead a miserable life with her bad tempered abusive husband Mikhail Vlassov, whose passing didn t sadden anyone After his father s death Pavel, gives himself up to reading and becomes a member of a socialist circle of suffering workers, where they have reading sessions in safety of the Vlasov s small house Full of hope for a better future, Pavel becomes a hero of a revolutionary circle and with the help of his friends and mother, they set out to put their ideas into practice His devotion to the socialist cause leads to his exile in Siberia at the end Pelagueya s love for her son and his friends takes her into the revolutionary movement, to which she becomes passionately devoted to Her life takes on new meaning as she becomes the delivery woman for the forbidden books and documents by tsarist regime She gives herself to the cause for which Pavel and his friends are willing to sacrifice so much for Pelagueya s transformation from the silent scared wife to a key figure in Socialist cause is overwhelming, and to me it makes her one of the most touching and extraordinary characters that I have ever encountered What makes this book special, to me at least are the courageous female characters, their bravery and humanity is life changing, like Natasha and Sophia Natasha is the daughter of a rich man who owns a lot of property, yet she leaves her life of luxury and disowns her father, to join the revolutionary struggle for the establishment of a socialist society Sasha is in love with Pavel Gorky s preview of Natasha is strong enough to get you falling in love with them from first line While reading the book, the realist description is heartbreaking and touching on so many levels, it takes you to a brutal era, where humans were treated like animals, asking for education, reading the wrong books and telling the truth can get you killed The beginning and the end of the novel are the best parts of the story, you can really see the developments of characters, but it somehow lags in the middle where events take a slow turnings The most touching part i cried while reading this is the end Where Pelagueya is finally caught by the police distributing her son s last speech at the courthouse before his exile, while they beat and choke her, she says Not even an ocean of blood can drown the truth Mother is a beautiful, lethal and eccentric experience and the kind of book i can readthan just one time It s a moving story of an uneducated woman and her pure love and pride in her son and a humanitarian cause, being able to relate to all of this brutality afterthan 100 years of it s publication to me at least, i m living somewhere where all of these terrible things still happen proves Gorky s great talent of capturing and understanding of human sufferings. So much to say about this amazing novel It was a great choice for our book club s theme, book from Russia Gorky is a genius and I would love to read his other works. I realise this was probably written for the average individual in mind, given the political nature of the novel and the fact that Gorky was one of the main players behind the second Russian Revolution , but the simplicity of the prose did at times become tiresome for me in my reading of this.Rather one dimensional characters, with a lack of character development, but given the time and the place this was written, I m willing to look through this as well.Pretty much, documents the growing discord, and alignment of the peasants and working class towards revolution against the bourgeois and the social class under the Czar s ruling I personally prefer Emile Zola s attempts at workers rebelling against those with power, which was written around the same time but in France. Long time ago when i was in the junior high school, i found this book among my father s old books.Old Indonesian translation, of course Never forget its smell. Old book s smell, some pages were tore out.Mothera story about a woman we call her Mother.Her weakness is her strength.Her strength is on her tears.She fights for her son, to find him then get him free from prison with her own ways.When people think she is no one then she is someone.When Mother fights for her child, it will turn the world up and down, if needed.Do we, as a child, do the same thing Maxim Gorky 1868 1946 was a Russian and Soviet writer and a political activist If magical realism is to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, socialist realism is to Maxim Gorky His surname means bitter because he grew up as an orphan and began writing the bitter truth about the Tsarist regime that he was displeased with At the time of this book s writing he was already highly associate with Lenin and Bogdanov s Bolshevik s wing of the party This book was first released in 1907 two weeks after the Revolution of 1905 that was called the Bloody Sunday That incident when several peasants and workers perished was one of the key events that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917 when that Tsar was fatally removed from his office.Having stated this short summary from Wiki, Mother is like a propaganda material for the Marxists during that time However, this is not a cold non fiction simply enumerating the dreams and aspirations of the revolutionary forces and probably singing hosanna to its leaders like Marx, Lenin or Stalin Rather, it is a heartfelt and moving story of a simple aging mother Pelagueya Vlasova that is caught in the midst of a changing already awakened nation Reading this is like being there in action witnessing how a group of student was persecuted and had to hide themselves before coming out to fight for what they believed in The mother becomes an eyewitness in all these young people s struggles for equality and freedom by being the delivery woman for the subversive books and documents Her transformation from being a battered wife at the start of the novel to a highly involved mother for an honorable cause was one of the extraordinary character development that I ve so far encountered in my four years of voracious reading The richness of the experience in reading the book can be felt especially at the beginning and the end of the novel The middle bulk is somewhat boring because the pacing is slowed down to introduce and probably to develop the other characters, the rebel students The mother waiting for news about Pavel her son is heartbreaking at first but becomes uncomfortably dragging due to repetitions of same events students having a meeting, books are being delivered by the mother, authorities find out, students are arrested, mother is waiting for news about his son, etc The ending, however, is engaging because their efforts paid off, view spoiler they are victorious, the mother gets his son back and the rebel students are singing triumphant songs hide spoiler This book was forbid in Iran till 1976.I and my cousin boy was named Ebrahim buy this book from somebady and read that speedly and passed book to our friend with fear.All younger support revolutioner in 1960 age read this book and learn to join social revolution against unjustic