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A reprint of what is stated to be Poet Laureate Duffy s first collection but both Wiki and Fantastic Fiction have it otherwise The slim volume contains 49 poems A few are only 7 or 8 lines long, most are of longer length, some are sonnets and employ that most pass of poetic devices, rhyme Much of Duffy s verse here tells stories Several deal with unsympathetic husbands.This is a strong assortment of poems with the most memorable including Lizzie, Six which seems to be about child abuse, while Ash Wednesday, 1984 employs rhyme to emphatic effect in imploring parents not to subject their children to religion, Jealous as Hell uses unusual stripped down syntax and grammar to help make its point, Terza Rima SW19 varies from classic terza rima rhyming but does so to good effect, Where We Came In is a modern take on La Ronde with divorcees meeting up complete with new spouses, Free Will dwells on the lingering effects of an abortion, A Clear Note s three sections tell a story of three generations of women The title poem examines the distance between an artist and his sitter, What Price is about The Hitler Diaries and those who thought to make money from them, Borrowed Memory the reality of incidents in novels to some people s sense of themselves, while Shooting Stars is a plea not to forget atrocities. Technically 4.5 5 #DOWNLOAD E-PUB × Standing Female Nude  This Outstanding First Collection Introduced Carol Ann Duffy S Impressive Gifts And The Broad Range Of Her Interests And Style The Poems Are Fresh, Skilful, Passionate Carol Ann Duffy Was Born In Glasgow In Her Awards Include First Prize In The National Poetry Competition Three Scottish Arts Council Book Awards Eric Gregory, Somerset Maugham And Dylan Thomas Awards In Britain And A Lannan Literary Award In The USA In She Received The Forward Poetry Prize And The Whitbread Poetry Award For Her Acclaimed Fourth Collection Mean Time On May , She Was Named The Poet Laureate Of The United Kingdom I think what s wonderful about this as a collection is the pace and the contrast in each poem, it never gets dull I really love the order of the poems it can go from witty to bitter and sarcastic to shocking and heartbreaking all within a few pages.The poem that has struck me the most is certainly Lizzie, Six It s near the beginning and yet haunted me to the end and even now It reminded me so much of Lolita the abuser twisting the words of the child It s set out to be reminiscent of a children s story similar to guess how much I love you and other young children s stories suggesting not just that it is a child in the poem but a young child, making it all the haunting I enjoyed the whole collection, it made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me angry, it made me unsettled, it made me care. 3.5Some poems I really liked, others I didn t really connect with I looove The was she writes, how the poems flow. 3.5 Enjoyable and thought provoking I had my introduction to Carol Ann Duffy this past February in Scotland when I read Love Poems which my friend Laala had a copy of Unfortunately, she s not nearly as popular in Canada so the only book of hers I was able to track down was her first poetry collection Standing Female Nude While first collections are often interesting in order to see how a poet has developed, they don t always the same power of a later work one strong exception I can think of right away is Satan Says by Sharon Olds, but as a rule this what I have found That said, Standing Female Nude is not a bad collection, although it does have some flaws.Some poems in Standing Female Nude such as Comprehensive and Jealous as Hell are very abrupt and disconnected she definitely hasn t quite perfected the sharp language that marks her writing in later collections Alphabet for Auden even rhymes, and although it is possible to use rhyming a sophisticated way like Plath this is not the case There were also a few poems I just didn t understand, like Dreaming of Somewhere Else and.However there are beautiful poems Saying Something could easily fit into Love Poems Sweetheart, I say Pedestrian daylight terms scratch darker surfaces Your absence leaves me with the ghost of love half warm coffee cups or sheets, the gentlest kiss I also loved Till Our Face The planets abandon us , Letters from Deadmen and Free Will Once, when small, she sliced a worm in half, gazing as it twinned beneath the knife What she parted would not die despite the cut, remained inside her all her life.Overall, the book lacks consistency and although it provides an interesting look at the first published works of a great poet the best poems could likely be found in a latter collected works I d recommend you read that instead. First acquaintance with Carol Ann Duffy and one that doesn t disappoint A wide range of poems, some brilliantly insightful and on par with today s troubled themes despite their being published in 1985 , some were abstract and came across as word play With the exception of the few awkward poems, a really good collection. Duffy has definitely come far since this collection Standing Female Nude is my lesst favourite collection of hers, although it was still higly enjoyable and definitely contained some amazing poems.