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Cat, Squirrel, and Duck live together in a cozy white cabin The three friends work together to make delicious pumpkin soup Cat slices the pumpkin, Squirrel does the stirring, and Duck adds the salt But one day, Duck decides he has not happy with his role and he wants to be head cook and stir The friends must figure out how to adapt to change in routine and how to work out a disagreement.I personally enjoyed the flow of the text and the autumn toned illustrations My favorite scene in the book is when Cat and Squirrel imagine Duck lost in the woods surrounded by bears, witches, etc While the page may appear scary to younger children, I feel many children will be able to make the connection to the creatures in fairy tails and the darker illustration Cooper also includes a pumpkin soup recipe at the end of the book that would be fun to make with children as an extension activity Great book Some of the illustrations were just precious in a good way and some I wanted to appreciate than I did They are unusual and wonderfully large I think part of my issue was with the three animal characters The soup, house, outdoor scenes were all lovely and or spectacular This story of three friends is a sweet story about friendship, and about allowing friends to change, although I didn t entirely get past a cat, duck, and squirrel being friends, what with my adult sensibilities that sometimes kick in at inconvenient times I wish even deviation from their cooking tasks had been tried, successfully, or less.The story got a bit scary at one point, even though the fear was limited to the imaginations of two of the friends The story also had many amusing parts, and I especially enjoyed the second and third to last pages when the illustration matched the words and both were quite funny.Pumpkin soup sounds so good, but Ill admit the only times I ve eaten it are in restaurants, even though I have no doubt I have access to many recipes for it This was the sixth and last October book for the Children s Books group Picture Books Club, and this month s theme is autumn Halloween It doesn t usually take me this far into the month to get all 6 picture books I waited a long time for this one, and I can see why it s a popular choice I m definitely going to seek out other books by this author illustrator. Helen Cooper is a Kate Greenaway Medalist and, after enjoying her lovely, lush and humorous illustrations in Pumpkin Soup I can see why This is a fun story, perfect for autumn Rather than having a Halloween focus, the tale is about friendship and branching out from traditional roles within the group and allowing your friends to try new things It will also make a fun read aloud with things going KERLPUNK and affording the reader an opportunity to talk like cat, duck and squirrel And it s just so cute seeing them all make soup together I just absolutely and simply adore author illustrator Helen Cooper s delightful accompanying images they are expressive, bright, and the fact that little Duck in many ways rather reminds me of Walt Disney s own Donald Duck, at both his most lovable and his most cranky and curmudgeonly, really made and still always does make me smile with both nostalgia and appreciation However, much important and essential than my personal enjoyment of the illustrations is the fact that the narrative of Pumpkin Soup demonstrates a very and much necessary message to and for children and perhaps even adults as well , namely that one needs to be flexible and open to change Duck might have been rude and a trifle obnoxious in the way he keeps insisting on being allowed to stir the soup, but Squirrel and Cat should also and truly have been open to accept change, to try new ways and means And I can thus certainly understand and even very openly appreciate why Duck simply up and leaves home I mean, the others are not only unwilling to consider trying new ways, of changing, they also make rather nasty fun of his size, and of his supposedly substandard abilities and capabilities no wonder Ducl becomes angry enough to utter some not so sweet and acceptable words and then leaves home for a while Too bad that my library copy does not contain the recipe that some of the editions of Pumpkin Soup seemingly present I would have loved to try cooking pumpkin soup, but I do not much desire to purchase picture books for a while, as I have too many books figuratively coming out of my proverbial ears so to speak. I read Pumpkin Soup tonight My Scholastic version did not have the pumpkin soup recipe How disappointing I love the illustrations As a matter of fact, I had other books to read before this one and pushed the others aside to read it immediately The beautifully vivid cover lured me in I wanted nothing at that moment then to read it The artwork throughout the book continued the wonderful flow of the cover I enjoyed the story of the three friends who live together harmoniously making their pumpkin soup, each having their own job and playing their own instruments One day the Duck decides he will do the job of Squirrel in making the pumpkin soup I did feel that Duck taking the spoon that was Squirrel s and telling the others that Today is my turn to stir the soup, could have been addressed Duck repeats a similar action later in the story Taking things that aren t yours and telling others you ARE doing something that isn t yours to do, doesn t seem like something children should be doing I think it could have been worked into the story without disrupting the flow I was intrigued at that the level of arguing that got so heated they began to say cuss words I looked again at the picture and felt it would have had the same effect without the symbols implying cussing, especially since the expressions captured by the illustrations were excellent I got right away that they were really mad I liked the rhythm of the story All in all, I must say, I enjoyed this reading experience I would love a hot bowl of pumpkin soup right now to warm me up Being a bit of a rebel, I decided to read this very October type book in the merry month of Maycuz that s how I roll I keep librarians up at night Lucky for me, the roll of the dice worked out, as I thoroughly enjoyed this romp with Squirrel, Cat, and Duck Everyone has his own job to do Everyone is happy.The three denizens of the old white cabin work as a united team in creating the best pumpkin soup in town However, even the best teammates need a little time apart, especially when Duck starts to feel neglected.The colours throughout are very autumnal, the soup looks good, and one never argues with ducks who play bagpipes.Book Season Autumn pipkins of salt Pumpkin Soup is a children s book by Helen Cooper and it is about how three best friends a duck, a cat, and a squirrel all made pumpkin soup in harmony until the duck wanted to stir the soup and chaos ensures For anyone who wants to read a hilarious book and want to know how to make Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Soup is definitely the book for you Oh my goodness Imagine my surprise when I read this book Helen Cooper has done an excellent job at both illustrating and writing this book as each character are truly hilarious and memorable and the plot is full of hilarity and emotion Helen Cooper has done a great job at describing the characters and the plot of this story What I really loved about this book were the characters themselves as the cat, the duck and the squirrel are all humorous characters when it comes to who has to make the pumpkin soup I really loved the duck character as the duck seems like a beautiful version of Donald Duck as he also has a temper and wants to do things his way I also loved the way that Helen Cooper manages to put in a heartwarming tone in this book especially during the scenes where the cat and the squirrel both go out looking for the duck and those scenes prove the power of friendship that the cat, the squirrel and the duck all share despite their quarreling with each other My most favorite part of the book was the Pumpkin Soup recipe that Helen Cooper provided at the end of the book, since I took the liberty in copying down the recipe, hoping that someday I will try out this recipe during Halloween Helen Cooper s illustrations are extremely beautiful and colorful as she draws the trees and the characters in a realistic manner The images that truly stood out the most for me were the images of the cat, the squirrel and the duck themselves as the cat is gray and have yellow eyes, the squirrel has orange brownish fur and a bushy tail and the duck is white and cute looking.All in all, Pumpkin Soup is one of the best children s books I had ever read about friendship and a great book that has a great recipe on how to make Pumpkin Soup that I am sure that many children and adults will both enjoy I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book. Though not specifically about Halloween, because this story is about Pumpkin soup and with the Autumn background and pumpkin patch full of pumpkins, Halloween is the perfect time of year to read the story The tale itself was a pretty good one, with everyone wanting to try each other s jobs and taking each other s skills for granted On the whole, it s a fun story to read aloud and would be a good precursor to a discussion about fighting among friends, different skillsets and wanting to try different things It has an easy recipe for pumpkin soup at the end of the story and our girls are excited to try it added later We made the pumpkin soup, and while our girls were pretty excited that we were making the recipe from the book and they even got to add their own pipkins of salt , they weren t as enthusiastic about the taste I thought it was lovely Oh wellThis book was selected as one of the October 2011 Autumn and Halloween reads at the Picture Book Club in the Children s Books Group here at Goodreads. A delightful tale of friendship tested when the status quo is upset The cute companions learn the rewards of compromise and working together. `Download ✙ Pumpkin Soup ☉ By The Kate Greenaway MedalistDeep In The Woods In An Old White Cabin, Three Friends Make Their Pumpkin Soup The Same Way Every Day The Cat Slices Up The Pumpkin, The Squirrel Stirs In The Water, And The Duck Tips In Just Enough Salt But One Day The Duck Wants To Stir Instead, And Then There Is A Horrible Squabble, And He Leaves The Cabin In A Huff It Isn T Long Before The Cat And The Squirrel Start To Worry About Him And Begin A Search For Their Friend Rendered In Pictures Richly Evoking Autumn, Helen Cooper S Delightful Story Will Resonate For An Child Who Has Known The Difficulties That Come With Friendship Included At The End Is A Recipe For Delicious Pumpkin Soup