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I appreciated the amount of information and keys to success that are shared, here Some I d read about or heard others teach, but many were new Marc Allen s approach and attitude is much different than most, and I could appreciate that, also I didn t care for some of the spiritual teachings and perspective, however, which influenced my overall rating. I really like his philosophy. This is an excellent book that outlines a plan and he is very realistic and down to earth. I like Marc Allen s writing Much of what he is saying is common sense , but he has a knack for words. Principles for becoming wealthy by changing thoughts, using words of affirmation, meditation and setting goals discussed. Very handy walk through all of the current literature of growth and affirmation It is all in one place here, ready to be consulted as you go through your planning and change process That there is nothing really new here is not a drawback, but rather speaks to the book s comprehensive spirit Best yet, it is a very quick read I was able to go start to finish in less than an hour Of course, the reading of the book is not the key it s the living of the life If the reader is considering building a new life, or engaging in big dreams, or beginning projects long put off, this is a good place to start To infuse your process with a sense of abundance, as the writer suggests, may not necessarily make abundance manifest, but it will make the journeyrelaxed For those who are ever desperate for enough time and money, that is not a bad thing. As most voracious readers do, I like to read various works of the author If one of their books resonates with me at a level of enjoyment, impact and inspiration it only stands to reason that their additional works could do the same.I was introduced to this author, Marc Allen through a work he co authored with Mark Fisher How To Think Like A Millionaire Mark Fisher is the author of one of my top 10 books The Instant Millionaire So in many respects, I was giving Marc Allen some vicarious credit in picking up this volume He is also cofounder along with well known author Shakti Gawain Creative Visualizations of the New World Library, a publishing company That pedigree help me make the decision to read this book.As I connect the dots from one of my favorite books The Instant Millionaire to this one, The Millionaire Course does a good job of going deeper into the concepts of what it takes to become wealthy It outlines all of the things that are necessary to become successful, and his courses are logical and well laid out It is rooted in the power of goals, optimism, and the conquering of fear and challenges A departure from some books on this subject he speaks openly of spiritual values, philanthropy specifically tithing and living a balanced life.True to its title, it isof a course than a book you would read straight through It is laid out in a modular format with lots of quotes, introspective questions and workshops It is also very detailed and as long as the reader sticks with it, it can truly help you build a roadmap for your life.As an author of books on sales in the psychology of achievement, I understand that each of us needs to hear The Message from The Messenger that we can relate to and have their messages resonate and inspire us Not every book will appeal to everyone So while I like this book, and believe in the concepts and principles outlined, it does not resonate with me as much as other works in this genrethus the 3 star rating For those seeking a course approach and are new to goal setting, finding life fulfilling work, and need guidance this would be a great book. &KINDLE ↜ The Millionaire Course: A Visionary Plan for Creating the Life of Your Dreams ↡ What Do We Dream Of Doing In Our Lives, And How To We Accomplish Those Dreams The Millionaire Course Gives Us The Tools We Need The Book Is An Entire Course, An In Depth Guide Consisting OfMajor Steps Or Lessons Of The Course WithKeys To Success Woven Throughout, Which Are Numbered And Set In Bold Type It Is Not Necessary To Master All These Keys All You Need To Do Is Find The Ones That Work For You As Marc Allen States In The Introduction You Ll Find That Whatever Time You Spend With Any Of These Keys Is Highly Valuable Quite Possibly In Ways You Can T Even Imagine Yet, Or Can Only Just Begin To Imagine You Ll Have A Sudden Moment Of Understanding, A Bit Of Illumination, And You Ll Come To Understand A Secret To Success In A New, Fresh Way You Ll Have Found A Key That Opens A Door Into A Whole New World, One With Far Greater Possibilities Than Before Eventually You Will Come To Fully Understand This Key You Are A Powerful, Creative Person Able To Do, Be, And Have What You Want In Life This is the very personal story of how Allen The Ten Percent Solution Simple Steps to Improve Our Lives and Our World , founder of New World Library, achieved his dreams Not a blueprint or a steps to success book, it s muchabout spiritual fulfillment than about making money Using koan like keys e.g., We don t need money to be happy or fulfilled In fact, money has nothing to do with it , Allen devises a course in creating the life of your dreams combining plain, effective language and a confident, encouraging tone with elements of mysticism, pragmatism, and the oomph of a motivational speaker When readers focus on self created affirmations, for example, things start to happen Ideas come to you, plans form, opportunities appear Readers seeking methods will be frustrated, but Allen s words will resonate for those who can co opt them as an approach to life, and he captures a very American phenomenon the spirituality of wealth creation Readers who liked Tommy Newberry s Christian themed Success is Not an Accident Change Your Choices Change Your Life will enjoy For large public libraries.Find reviews of books for men at Books for Dudes, Books for Dudes, the online reader s advisory column for men from Library Journal Copyright Library Journal. I never read Marc Allen before and I have to say this is not what I expected from the title 20 pages into this I felt like I was expected to solve all of my problems with affirmations crystals and contemplating my navel I slogged through the whole book and did find some good life advice I guess I was expecting a how to book of financial planning I am glad I read it it just wasn t what I was planning on when I purchased the book Thanks, Marc.