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FREE EPUB ô Teklords à Known To Millions As Star Trek S Captain Kirk, Actor Director And Bestselling Author William Shatner Returns To The Stunning Future World He Created In TekWar Ex Cop Jake Cardigan Is Back A Synthetic Plague Is Sweeping The City And A Top Drug Control Agent Is Brutally Murdered By A Reprogrammed Human Zombie, Deadlier Than An Android Assassin For Jake, All Roads Lead To One Fatal Circle The Heart Of A Vast Computerized Drug Ring, The Masters Of A Savage And Powerful Underworldthe Lair Of The TekLords This is the second book in the Tekwar series by William Shatner This book was very much like this first one a good, not great, story line, believable characters, and some action Overall this is an enjoyable book as long as you are not looking for something to really blow you away It is a good quick read I did like this book. Jake Cardigan is back to continue his fight against the Teklords and their non drug drug Tek Along with his partner Sid Gomez and his girlfriend Beth Kitteridge, Kirk sorry I mean Jake takes his trusty phaser oops I mean stungun to try and stop the synthetic plague virus released by the Teklords Unfortunately Jake s informants are dropping like Red Shirts sorry wait that one is right.I have often said adventure stories are like roller coasters You know where everything is going, but getting there is the fun part While Teklords may not be a full fledged roller coaster ride, it is still fun It islike a tilt a whirl ride in a seedy carnival The future tech is dated Faxes are still big there But the slight dating makes it justcampy The future in Teklords is definitely seedy with porn and drugs being common and it seems every android and cyborg are armed literally with lazguns.While some might say these points are criticisms, I say they are the books charm So grab some cotton candy and a funnel cake and give this tilt a whirl a spin Just remember to keep your hands in the ride and remain seated until it comes to a complete stop. I started Teklords expecting a truly atrocious piece of work I figured I probably wouldn t even be able to finish it, as Shatner would no doubt inflict all sorts of terrible writing and sex scenes on us The preface appeared to presage horror, as it was written in Shatner s own staccato phrasing Imagine ellipsis in original a sequel, continuity, progression Why Sales, reviews, terrific Who Ron Goulart witty, wise, ingenious And next Guess I wondered uneasily if the entire book would be written thus While it would be amusing to imagine the book as an Orbitz commercial, I feared that the novelty would quickly pall.Imagine my surprise to find that Teklords is actually a moderately well written considering what I d expected, that is , fast paced, entertaining mystery with an interesting implementation of sci fi tropes and only a handful of plot holes.II I liked it.I m so ashamed. Okay, after a lengthy delay after reading TekWars, the first novel in the series, something I gave a grudging 2 stars to, having in my possession the next two books I finally decided to delve into this one I don t know whether the writing was any better somehow, I think not , but at least what was missing were the ridiculous things so often found in the first novel There was even a short part debating the dreams suffered when in the Freezer to give some validity to a punishment when I previously thought none existed Someone must have advised providing a removal from the inane.I was actually able to go through this one with a minimum number of groans Just like in the first one, Jake can t go five feet without running into people he knows who know what he s after I swear, he must know everyone on the whole damn planet So the actual investigative work is non existent and he is told what to do and where to go all the time No thinking involved There s a definite step up on the science, but in my mind, still lacking anything real high tech My final analysis, 3 stars.