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The Golden Age of Greece a never ending source of adventure and delight This book offers yet another slant on the age old saga of the Trojan War I have to admit, i was expecting an adequately written book, threaded with homoerotic accounts and romances, that I would hate myself for taking the time to read Still, we boys need our Shades of Gay from time to time To my surprise, I just finished an excellently researched book, well written novel with just enough spice to keep me interested up until the very last page There was just enough romance and erotic that I prayed the story would turn out differently a trio of star stuck warriors sailing off to Mykonos to live happily ever after Like when you see a Romeo and Juliette for the umpteenth time and the production is so unique and gripping, you end up hoping it might turn out differently this time Alas What can t change history and a tragedy, no matter how well reworked, remains a tragedy.The end is written in time The difference is, Homer didn t move me to tears, and this book did There was just enough romance to make me feel like I suffered the tragic ends of three heroes Thank you Byrne Fone for making the characters real enough to open my heart, the story just that much different to keep my interest peaked until the end, the facts true to the point so I felt slightly educated on this splendid story After that horrible film, I was in dire need of this book to get me back on track Narrated by the young and passionate prince Antilochlus, this book presents a completely new and different perspective of the Trojan War, making it a must read for fans of Homer s epic tale Author Bryne Fone paints a vivid image of life in ancient Greece, placing the reader on the beaches of Troy alongside legendary heroes Achilles, Odysseus, Ajax, Diomedes, Menelaus, and Idomeneus Fone does these larger than life characters justice with rewarding depth and previously unseen personalities Most impressive was Fone s realistic portrayal of the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus, aligning the duo with what academics agree were the widely practiced social norms between the men of ancient Greece I.E homosexual relationships Despite an abundance of grammatical errors, the beauty of history s most epic tale is truly felt, making for an exhilarating and fulfilling read. #FREE EPUB ð Achilles Ø Achilles Loves Patrolcus, But Antilochus Loves AchillesThey Are All Fighting To Capture Troy In This Exciting Gay Novel Set During The Trojan WarAchilles A Love Story Is The First Modern Novel To To Re Imagine The Story Of Achilles And Patroclus As What Ancient Readers Knew It To Be Not Only A Tale Of Battles And Exemplary Heroism, But The Love Story Of Achilles, Unrivalled Hero And The Most Beautiful Man In The World, And The Handsome And Heroic Patroclus Their Passionate And Tragic Tale Is One Of The Greatest And Earliest Gay Love Stories Ever Told But In The Iliad Homer Also Hints At Another Love Story That Of The Handsome Prince Antilochus Who Also Loves For Achilles Achilles A Love Story, A Gay Novel Of The Trojan War, Movingly Creates Their Erotic And Tragic Passion As It Plays Out Against The Legendary Battles Of The Trojan War Although I did really enjoy this novel I can only give it three and a half stars because I think I wanted Patroclus He is my favourite character and I missed the interaction with him However Fone has created an incredible re telling of Homer s Iliad by portraying of Antiochus, son of King Nestor of Pylos At first this character is seen as naive in his love for the myth of Achilles, however as he grows after being at war for three years, he knows that he is in love with a myth that will never love him back He could have lovers but his heart and devotion is on Achilles and his bones are buried with Achilles and Patroclus I enjoy the romantic stories of legendary Greek heroes, and their male lovers, especially Patroclus and Achilles In this book the characters are seen as human in their weakness, especially Agamemnon who is arrogant and just wants gold and women He is a disgraceful king only keeping his men through Odysseus cleaver words Achilles for me is seen as cruel in this novel than others I have read especially towards the end Overall a good read but something was still lacking for me. Loved it Read in one sitting I couldn t put it down Great writing though I longed for just a little heat But a love story indeed I truly enjoyed this book 5 tragic but beautiful stars Interesting way that Byrne Fone approached this book discussed in the epilogue He took some items from Iliad and Odyssey and expands upon the three characters stories He writes mostly from Antilochus voice as the narrator There are good battle scenes and political exposition about the kings and their armies The interactions among Achilles, Patroclus and Antilochus deepen the ideas that these three were intertwined in the Trojan battles I liked his explorations of love among men and how their stories have been told or not in literature since ancient times. Homeric epic is a source that offers a lot to the author bent on reworking it a splendidly tight plot with bigger than life, melodramatic characters moved by passions that move the earth and the heavens The other side of the coin is that it demands just as much.In retelling the Iliad through the eyes of Antilochus, Mr Fone achieves some unquestionably beautiful pages detailing the folly of war and the vanity of human ambitions.His output is far from even, though Elsewhere, in fact, his writing remains cultured but fails to be as meaninful A lot of pages are wasted in erudite descriptions that convey little or no emotion.My guess is that he aims at showing how the greatest epic of the Western world is essentially based on common human beings, their deeds elevated to myth by time, chance and poetry despite the very human shortcomings of the men themselves.So Agamemnon is a weak but tyrannical figure shadowed by a scheming Odysseus The Greek leaders are held together by honour and tradition and not by respect for a leader who has forfeited his soul when he sacrificed his daughter.While the spirit of the age or what we construct to be the spirit of that age is accurately portrayed, the tension falters when the author is dealing with his less than appealing characters His writing is not tight, meaningful enough to make those now very, very human characters really interesting or moving.Antilochus is a very modern character in his sentimental obsession which he knows from the start to be unreasonable and doomed He knows that even before actually meeting Achilles and seeing him with Patroclus and yet he is incapable of renouncing it, not even when facing death.Such a modern approach to what, after all, is the lead and narrator of A Love Story is unexpected and possibly unwelcome.The only real love in the story ends by being that between Achilles and Patroclus and even this passion is only seen through the eyes of the frustrated Antilochus and tainted by the final dialogue between the two.Failing both to move his reader with Romantic characters and to interest him with an evenly powerful style the authors delivers a dissatisfying story with a lot of unfulfilled potential.As other reviewers not many have pointed out, sex scenes are particularly curt and stilted Nobody is asking for outright erotica of course but depth of feeling might be in order in a love story.By comparison most reviewers have complained about typos and I must do that as well There are still many of them and there should have been enough time for an edited version to be published.There also seem to be problems with tenses as a non native speaker I am not entirely sure but there are several sentences where I expected different forms of the verb. I greatly enjoy the romantic stories of legendary Greek heroes, especially if they do not shy away or gloss over the practice of pederastric love between men Supported by both historical fact and legend, the reality is that such liaisons were encouraged as a means of schooling younger men the eromenos , and bonding warriors together first in bed and then on the battlefield for example, The Sacred Band of Thebes To his credit, Byrne Fone does not shy away from this topic In fact, Achilles A love story CreateSpace, 2010 is an unapologetic celebration of male love and valour.The story follows Homer s poetic version of The Fall of Troy the Illiad , but for the semblance of detail Fone has created a fictional chronicler, Dionysos of Tenedos It is a clever device that effectively fills in the gaps in Homer s overview.Another clever device is his decision to narrate the story in the first person voice of Antilochus, son of King Nestor of Pylos See the excavation of his palace at right In Homer s Illiad Antilochus has the unenviable task of informing Achilles of Patroclus death, and after his death Antilochus was the closest to Achilles Indeed, as Fone notes, the reliance becomes intimate, for Homer says that Antilochus ashes were interred in the great tomb on the Trojan Shore along with those of Achilles and Patroclus Thereafter, as Homer notes in the Odyssey, the three friends are reunited in the underworld and walk together in the eternal fields Quite apart from Homer s ageless epic, however, Professor Fone has done a masterful job of fleshing out his characters in all their heroic proportions, as well as their human weaknesses Agememnon, for example, has been lionized as a king among kings for centuries, and yet his character is far believable as the self promoting, glory seeker by which Fone has depicted him.Similarly, the legendary Achilles may have been physically invulnerable except for his Achilles heel but emotionally he is described as being quite prone to petulance, uncontrollable rages and fathomless love In other words he is only half divine, as Fone has realistically made him out to be.So, if you are a devotee of history, fiction, romance, and a darned good read, I highly recommend Achilles A love story as the fulfilment of them all Five stars.Gerry B.http www.gerryburniebooks.com 3,5 5 A very good retelling of the Trojan war I was very surprised from the title and the goodreads summary, one would expect a retelling of Achilles and Patroclus love story It is, but through Antilochus desperately in love with Achilles the myth point of view, most of the time Very well written and I couldn t help but shed a tear at Patroclus death because he is my sweet little cupcake. Full disclosure I am the author, but the following reviewed Achilles A Love Story on.com and gave it 5 stars I note that by clicking on 5 stars above Praise for Achilles A Love Story Reading Achilles A Love Story you ll be on an unforgettable journey which will, in one way or another, touch your heart I already know that I ll read this book than once Ron Notto The depth of feeling, breadth of knowledge and sheer story telling artistry are remarkable I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a love story, filled with passion and steeped in vivid historical detail Dr SHF More than I expected The title of this book, and its categorization by , suggested a quickie gay romance novel, with lots of man to man sex What I got instead was a beautifully written retelling of a beautiful story, the Iliad, from a homoerotic perspective H Michael Starr This book is modern in every sense as love and loss remain universal themes that move, entertain and enthrall If you read nothing else this summer read this I defy you to not be moved by it Joseph Best The book s real power is in reconstructing a mythical epoch in such a realistic way, that you are left convinced that the ancients truly lived among the sights and sounds the author so adeptly describes Richard Achilles A Love Story is an unapologetic celebration of male love and valour If you are a devotee of history, fiction, romance, and a dared good read, I highly recommend Achilles A love story as the fulfillment of them all Five stars Gerry A Burnie Achilles A Love Story brings alive from antiquity the passions of love and war Byrne Fone makes these iconic characters and events profoundly knowable and relevant Whether Homer s Iliad is well trodden ground or uncharted territory, you re in for a vivid, engaging and thoroughly satisfying story PSNByrne Fone is also the author of Trojan Women, War Stories, and American Revolution Keywords Novel, Gay, American, President