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~Free Ebook ☹ The Lake of Dreams ⚖ Lucy Jarrett Is At A Crossroads In Her Life, Still Haunted By Her Father S Unresolved Death A Decade Earlier She Returns To Her Hometown In Upstate New York, The Lake Of Dreams, And, Late One Night, She Cracks The Lock Of A Window Seat And Discovers A Collection Of Objects They Appear To Be Idle Curiosities, But Soon Lucy Realizes That She Has Stumbled Across A Dark Secret From Her Family S Past, One That Will Radically Change Her And The Future Of Her Family Forever This book, while brimming with possibility, is a promise unfulfilled.A young woman, Lucy, returns from Japan to her upstate New York home, actually a Victorian mansion by The Lake of Dreams, a place from which she has distanced herself since her father s death As she adjusts to the changes about her she finds some old documents in a locked window seat, documents that soon reveal an unknown family history Having once discovered the old documents Lucy then shares her find with her Mother who just happens to remember that over twenty years ago she found an old baby blanket, with a note that matches the handwriting on the documents A beautiful blanket with a pattern on it that was tucked away twenty years ago and not thought of again until just now And so the plot advances Lucy becomes obsessed with the long lost owner of the documents and the pattern woven into the blanket which just happens to be a recurring pattern in a stained glass window that her once upon a time boyfriend Keegan Fall is restoring Naturally this discovery leads her to stained glass windows and convinces her that the owner of the documents could very well be the woman depicted in the windows, which of course take her off to find out about the artist Biff, boom, bang connections are made While all of this is happening Lucy is coming to terms with the guilt she has carried all these years about her father s death and struggling with her newly awakened feelings for her long lost love Keegan and worrying about her mixed feelings for her current fellow, Yoshi, due to arrive any day now from Japan Good lord can this plot get any weaker Spoiler alert it can.Beyond all the astoundingly weak plot forwarding devices, the biggest problem I had with this is that the protagonist does not act the way a real person would, ever She is in good company though as most of the other characters are equally unbelievable Case in point view spoiler Lucy learns that her father s brother Art was complicit in her dad s death He was there out on the lake arguing with him that fateful night Heated words are exchanged and Art pushes his brother who falls out of the boat Art tries to find him and when he is unsuccessful just leaves and never mentions this to anyone So Lucy vandalizes his store and then shares this information with her family There is no outrage, just disbelief from her brother and a quiet acceptance from her Mother Everybody remembers how kind Art has been over the years since his brother s death Seriously that s it hide spoiler Twenty nine year old Lucy Jarrett left her upstate New York home town called The Lake of Dreams soon after her father accidently drowned a decade ago Lucy went to college, became a hydrologist, and took a series of overseas jobs Two years ago Lucy met Yoshi in Jakarta, and they fell in love and settled down in Japan where Yoshi has an engineering job Lucy is looking for work and teaching English to Japanese students to stave off boredom When Lucy learns that her mother had a minor accident, she debates returning to The Lake of Dreams for a visit Yoshi encourages Lucy to go, and plans to join her after he concludes a scheduled business trip When Lucy arrives back in The Lake of Dreams , she decides to stay in her old upstairs bedroom, even though her mother shut up the house s second story after her husband s death, because of the painful memories While Lucy is nosing around in the upstairs window seats using the lockpicking skills she learned from her locksmith father she comes across a batch of pamphlets and a few notes that belonged to a long dead relative named Rose None of Lucy s relations have ever mentioned Rose, who seems to have been deliberately erased from the family tree a century ago, during the era of Lucy s great grandfather Some of Rose s unearthed leaflets are about the women s suffrage movement, and others contain information about women s biology a subject that was discouraged, or even forbidden can you imagine , during Rose s time In fact, in one of Rose s notes she mentions that she never saw her own naked body until she visited an aristocrat s house that had a large mirror a visit that had dramatic consequences When Lucy s mother, Evie, sees Rose s dusty pamphlets she remembers a packet she found hidden in an old trunk years ago, and brings out a beautiful silk scarf and another note in Rose s distinctive handwriting Lucy becomes intensely curious about Rose s story and goes to great lengths to learn about this long lost relative researching church documents, visiting historical societies, and so on Lucy learns that Rose was born in England and came to the United States under difficult circumstances Moreover, Rose was a rebel who supported the suffragette movement, dreamed of being an Episcopal priest, and may have modeled for an artist who made stained glass windows for churches.Lucy begins researching the stained glass windows in an old abandoned church, and is helped by her old high school boyfriend, Keegan Fall who s a glass artisan and the owner of a glass blowing factory Lucy is strongly attracted to Keegan..but she loves Yoshi..so she has some issues to work out Meanwhile, an old army depot in The Lake of Dreams has been decommissioned, and there s intense disagreement about what to do with the land Native Americans think they have a claim on it ecologists want to establish a nature preserve and developers want to build houses and commercial establishments As it happens, Lucy s Uncle Art her father s brother is in the developer camp, and thinks his proposed projects would make him very rich Not only is Art hoping to purchase the depot land, he s also trying to convince Lucy s mother to sell him HER property, which abuts the depot However, Art cheated his brother Lucy s father out of his inheritance years ago, and there s been bad blood between Art and Lucy s family every since It s true that Art has been nicey nicey since his brother drowned helping with house repairs and the like but he s not been forgiven by a long shot All these issues the story of Rose s life Lucy choosing Keegan or Yoshi and the future of the depot play out as the story unfolds Other things are going on as well Lucy s mother has a new beau Lucy s brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby and Lucy s obnoxious cousin stirs up bad memories All this gets Lucy speculating about her past..and her future There are also startling revelations about the death of Lucy s father, an incident that has haunted Lucy for a decade The book has a solid plot and engaging characters, but moves much too slowly A big chunk of the narrative is about Lucy researching Rose s history, which includes a lot of driving around, talking to people, and philosophizing about life There s also a lot of blather about a pattern of overlapping circles woven into Rose s silk scarf For me, all this is less than riveting Moreover, the author is heavy handed about imbuing her characters with feminist ideals, which is so pronounced as to be unrealistic Both Rose and Lucy daydream about being an Episcopal priest, and there s an actual female priest Suzi a lovely woman in the story In addition, Rose s support for women s suffrage has consequences that seem extreme I m an ardent feminist, but writers need to be careful about overly politicizing novels which can detract from the story.I m probably not the target audience for this novel because I find it just so so However fans of historical novels, feminist literature, and or chick lit might be enthusiastic, and I d recommend the book to those readers.You can follow my reviews at I love Ms Edwards lyrical and descriptive language Every scene is brilliantly painted Her story was riveting flowing between past and present with complete ease I was probably most intrigued by the discovery of old letters and the main character s Lucy s journey to decipher the author s fascinating story.But this book has so many components beyond that There is the veil of mystery surrounding Lucy s father s death, her residual feelings for her first love, her feeling for her current love, and her complex relationships with her mother and brother not to mention a few other family members Ms Edwards explores early feminism, religion, and art She also adds in a dose of environmentalism and multiculturalism The book bustles with characters and complex themes. The Lake of Dreams is certainly no I made it to about page 100 before giving up The author had too many subjects in this book women s suffrage, Vietnam war, environmentalism are just a few of The Big Issues she tried to weave into a cohesive story that really dragged especially when you add in family secrets, mysterious stained glass windows and letters, a family locksmith business, and a confused young woman poking around in all of it.The author s previous works Secrets of a Fire King and The Memory Keeper s Daughter were much stronger and lyrical I found myself bored stupid with the pace of this novel And then she ate a muffin She walked to the front of the building And then, and then I also found Lucy, the main character, to be unsympathetic in her uninterestingness I can t think of anything difficult than following up a huge bestseller the pressure Unfortunately, this one wasn t nearly as good as the other two Hopefully she ll try again. I had a serious love hate relationship with this book I loved the family history part of the story, both the suffragette s actual story, and how the protagonist traces this forgotten branch of the family through historical archives what can I say That sort of thing is crack to a librarian I also loved the colorful settings and activities the author used and described.I hated the protagonist, though Her arrogance, self centeredness, and sense of entitlement beggared belief for a 29 year old woman who has lived internationally for most of her adult life I would have believed it of a 15 year old girl, but not a cosmopolitan, near thirty year old woman If someone asked her to keep something secret or not to do a particular thing, and she either didn t understand or didn t agree with their reasons, then she judged that clearly the promise request etc did not apply to her and she could do as she pleased no matter what the consequences for anyone else Also, since she had inherited a gift for unlocking locks, clearly locked doors and gates were not intended to keep her out if she could undo the lock, she had a right to go in After all, her enlightnenement and self actualization and worldview trumped anyone else s reasons for doing anything at all I seriously wanted to slap her upside the head multiple times, even when I agreed with whatever sketchy thing she was doing which happened once, because someone else s interest was also at stake You just know she was a popular girl at school, no matter what she says.The writing also had a few places where I wanted to tear my hair out, though that might have been because I was listening to it on CD Several times the protagonist would discover potentially life changing documents, and instead of opening and reading them immediately, she would spend several paragraphs musing about the sunlight over the lake, or memories of her father on his fishing boat, and the significance of that to her life, etc etc ad infinitum ARGH Just read the damned document already Maybe I would have liked the book better with a different narrator She read everything in tremulous tones, as if she were hovering on the edge of tears and bravely fighting them off to tell this story of monumental pain and sacrifice and of course her own bravery in enduring it even when she was just talking about a visit to a glass factory.And at least 2 3 of the epilogue was overkill. I wish I had liked this book better It held some promise, at the beginning But finally, after having persevered and doggedly pursued the end, I mostly just felt let down.I didn t read The Memory Keeper s Daughter I kept picking it up, and thinking, maybe, but then putting it back on the shelf at the library And I almost wish I had done that with this book It has received mostly good reviews But..1 This story seems like one I ve read a million times before Nothing remarkable, earth shattering, different or even compelling.2 IMHO, Ms Edwards tried to do to much at times this was a book with an agenda, at others a book about history and at others a mishmash of dream sequences meant to tell a story that just muddied things.3 Nothing felt, to me, very genuine Few of the characters were sympathetic, and even Lucy acted out of character a time or two And eventually, I came to conclude that there really isn t that much potential here I didn t even find any memorable passages that I wished to remember So, sad to say, I won t be reading anything by this author for quite some time Her writing just doesn t resonate with me And now, back to my ever growing, rarely diminishing stack of books I received this book through Goodreads First Read contest Thankfully I didn t spend any money on it I have to be honest and say that I was pretty disappointed in this book It was hard to believe the same author that wrote my beloved The Memory Keeper s Daughter wrote this this boring crap of a book Well, maybe the word crap is a little harsh The book did get a lot of good reviews so it could just be me and my crazy opinions I just could NOT get into the story at all I found myself practically falling asleep before finishing chapters and having to reread paragraphs because I was drifting off The main character, Lucy, decides to visit her home town and she falls head first into her family history when she discovers she has a great aunt who was banished from the family for participating in the women s rights movement and being arrested The whole book is all about the letters she finds and the history of this long lost relative who she supposedly feels like she has a connection with I just wasn t interested I couldn t understand Lucy s need to keep on going back to the past when she had so much going on in the present In fact, the author does little to make the present time interesting at all I think it would have been much appealing if the chapters rotated back and forth from different points of view, particularly from Lucy to Rose, which was the long lost great aunt However, Lucy is the only one who tells the story So much could have been done to make this book of a page turner Family genealogy is only interesting if it s my own family Other than that, I don t give a crap. The Good StuffWonderful realistic charactersAuthor really understands the inner workings of a family and its dynamicsI really understood Lucy s need to understand about her family historyFascinating information and history and the portrayal of women in organized religionLoved the character of the priest Suzi and her conversations with Keegan If she was real, I would actually go to churchI was totally engrossed in the mystery of Rose and Iris and I think I wanted to find out the truth as much as Lucy did.A truly fascinating tale and history lesson all in oneBeautifully written, author has some serious talent Must go get me a copy of The Memory Keepers DaughterI really enjoyed all the information about the suffragette movement and realized even how grateful all of us women should be for what those women fought for I could definitely see this one being made into a movieThe Not so Good StuffIt was hard to get into at first I struggled at first, but am glad I did, as it ends up being a fantastic bookWould have liked a family tree or a who s who at the front of the book for my mommy addled brain to remember who was who and where they fit into the familyHonestly I would have taken out some of the dream sequences but dammit I am a Mom I need things to pick up the pace that s just me though nothing against the author it was just one of those irritating things to me.Favorite Quotes Passages In those days God seemed as silent as my father, as angry as my uncle, as distant as the portrait of my great grandfather in the hall when I closed my eyes, those were the gazes I felt, and I was always nervous This history, told through Rose s eyes, didn t seem very far away, and it made me wonder how my own life would have unfolded if I hadn t been abler to study or work or even know the most basic facts about my body A difficult history was hidden beneath my independence, like the ruins of the factories beneath the tranquil surface of this water The rights I took for granted seemed suddenly very new, measured against the centuries Close up , their lives were as complex and chaotic as my own, full of mistakes and disappointments and good intentions gone awry What I LearnedA crap load of information on the history of women and their portrayal in organized religion truly fascinating stuffTons of facts and history about the suffragette movement and how glad I didn t grow up in that era I would totally have been jailed too That I would love to know about my ancestors and how they lived and their emotions Damn why couldn t either side of my family been good at keeping journals Who should shouldn t readThose who need plenty of excitement and romance might not get into this oneAnyone interested in the suffragette movement or the portrayal of women in religion will love thisReally almost anyone will enjoy this as long as they give it a chanceThis is not a light read so if you are looking for something on the light and fluffy side, this ain t it Not that their is anything wrong with light and fluffy since I also enjoy those types of books, just of an FYI4 Dewey sI received this from Penguin in exchange for an honest review