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Yet another good read by Cavanaugh Since I m a lover of the Civil War era, this book held my interest quite well although I was not prepared for the ending. This generation of the Morgan family lived just before, and during, the Civil War Their varied personalities, strengths, and weaknesses were fun to discover The Civil War era is one of my favorites to read about, so the plot kept my interest It had one major surprise that I didn t see coming, and the way Abraham Lincoln was portrayed was marvelous There were a few places where there werebattle details than I like, but not so many that I wanted to stop reading It is not absolutely necessary to read the previous books in the series to enjoy this one, but it helps Fans of Christian historical fiction and or the Civil War will find it worthwhile. Another great read in the American Family Portrait series In this the fourth book, Jeremiah Morgan and his son s fight for the North as his dear friend Seth Cooper and his son fight for the South The Civil War is the background for this book, John Brown and other well known figures make an appearance to lend authenticity to the story With the stories of these family s we see the war played out both on the battlefield and in the lives of the men who fought.This is the first time we see the Cooper family playing a major part in the on going story of the family s that settled these British Colonies, turned The United States of America, now broken by slavery We first saw a Cooper when he fell into a dye vat as a young boy and the first Morgan pulled him out back in Merry Ol England where things weren t so Merry under the religious control of Bishop Leud.The Cooper family and the Morgan s carry on the tradition of handing the Family Bible to the next generation, but which son will get it this time Four storylines a few unexpected twists I like that he take little know aspects of history to focus on and incorporate into his story lines I loved learningabout John Brown What an interesting character Also, his character development of others family interaction is spot on This book could stand alone not be read as part of the series. I m enjoying reading through this series and learningabout US history It tends to stick a little better when told as a story There were a few references to the earlier stories that I couldn t seem to remember though I did read them a year ago so I m sure that s why. Best series ever. Great storyline, with lots of Civil War and period details. I really liked this book This is actually my first book by Jack Cavanaugh, and I think I will read the rest of the series I felt so connected to the characters They felt so real I gasped, I laughed I even almost cried And I finished it in a day It s definitely different than what I usually read, but that turned out to be a wonderful thing. `Download Book ☠ The Adversaries (American Family Portrait) ★ Travel Through American History While Reading The Exciting And Intriguing Stories Of The Morgan Family, And The Passing Of Christian Faith From Generation To GenerationAs The Civil War Erupts, The Children Of Jeremiah Morgan Are Uprooted From Home The Boys To Battlefields, Their Only Sister To New York City To Write Tracts For The Homesick Soldiers But Their Greater Peril May Come From Banker Caleb McKenna, A Longtime Family Enemy