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I really disliked this book and dragged myself through it The characters are self absorbed and impossible to like or care about Worse than that, I felt like I was drowning in the turgid details. I am a big fan of Sebastian Faulks, and I think this may be his finest effort to date Like all his novels, this one is first and foremost an old fashioned love story As in Birdsong, this novel seamlessly weaves the personal and very intimate story of an accidental affair into a larger milieu of fairly grand but always understated significance Indeed, it s impossible to imagine this story occuring in any other time, or any other way The story alternates between Washington, DC and New York City in 1960s, and Faulks evokes the background political and social drama of the period, creating a perfect backdrop for the inner drama of his characters Whether because I knew the physical setting so well having lived in both cities , or because I came to know the characters so well, once begun I couldn t put the book down Faulks tells this story masterfully. I couldn t finish this From the self centered characters to the slow paced plot, I found nothing about this book enjoyable I loved This was the first Faulks book I ve read, although I know we have the French trilogy The writing was gorgeous, which is good, because it wasn t the greatest story ever It s about a British diplomat s wife who has an affair while living with her husband in Washington DC I did like the depictions of the emotions involved in infidelity She loves her Non sequitor Hey, there s no male word for mistress, is there That s weird, there should be Mister Master Neither of those are right It s like how there s no satisfying female equivalent of guy Anyway, she loves Frank, the guy she s having an affair with, but she never stops loving her husband, who is an alcoholic undergoing a nervous breakdown and professional difficulties When she is with her family, she feels like standing by them is the most important thing, but when she s with Frank, she feels like she can leave them behind for him We get some chapters from Frank s perspective he knows and likes the husband, and the husband s perspective, as he goes from ignorance to suspicion to certainty about the affair I just thought it was a fairly honest portrayal of all emotions involved in infidelity absolutely nothing is black and white.Set in 1960, this all unfolds against the backdrop of Nixon and Kennedy s presidential campaigns and the cold war. My first Sebastian Faulks, and I m looking forward to Another Goodreads reader described it as a complex and genuine love storylike watching real life unfold which seems pretty accurate to me I don t usually read straight romance stories, and I guess this one is a bit than that but in any case it caught me from the first page I thought it sagged a bit in the middle, when none of the relationships seemed to be moving anywhere, but the described world was shifting in ways that would eventually affect the characters and subsequently the story All three characters in the love triangle are, to differing degrees, likeable, sympathetic, and admirable a very difficult trick to pull off for any writer, I d think Every aspect of love and betrayal is considered, and Faulks does it all with apparent ease He refuses to let you take sides in the adulterous affair He also accurately captures D.C., New York, Chicago, London, Moscow, Vietnam when it was controlled by the French, bits of World War II, Kennedy, Nixon, and mutual affection and distrust between the Brits and the Americans All with characters who feel like real people and with whom you enjoy spending time. Set in 1959 USA during the Kennedy Nixon campaign Mary is the wife of Charlie Van der Linden an emissary in the British Embassy in Washington whose life is one long round of parties and lunch meetings and general socialising You d think she d have a great life but Charlie is slowly disappearing into the bottle 3 dry martinis before lunch and she has attracted the attentions of one of the many American journalists who attend the parties at the Van der lindens home When Mary and Charlie ship their children off to boarding school in the UK Mary is somewhat at a loose end and that is when the trouble really starts.Sebastian Faulks takes us on journey of discovery of self assessment of challenge to the established order of things in 1959 A slow and thorough exposition for 95% of the book written in the imaginative, elegant and appropriate prose that makes Faulkes stories such a joy to read The introduction of Mary s mothers terminal cancer and the pain and anguish of dealing with the death of her parent from the other side of the Atlantic transatlantic flights in 1959 were very different from those in 2009 make Mary s deliberations even difficult In the aftermath of the presidential elections that put Kennedy into office Charlie is sent back to Moscow which causes a cataclysmic crash of emotions and desires for Mary and the crisis that Charlie walks into there, threatens to pull Mary into complete chaos.The last 5% of the book is written with an urgency and passion so different from the rest of the book Faulks manages to pull the stress, strain and confusion within the characters into words that make you feel you are living every second of the last 24 hours with the people in the story Or is it that you have to have been pushed and pulled from country to country yourself to appreciate the pain and torment Mary is put through. I loved this book didn t want it to end I was so sucked into Mary Frank s romance.Set during the election campaign of Nixon JFK we meet Mary, wife of Charlie, and Frank Frank is a newspaper reporter and Mary and Charlie are part of the British diplomatic service based in Washington DC Mary and Frank meet at a party at Mary and Charlie s house Charlie is inebriated, and is for most of the book Mary, on a trip to NYC without Charlie, finds herself in contact with Frank and the rest, as they say, is history Interspersed with historical references, this is the account of an extramarital affair It isn t especially graphic in detail the affair is strongly suggested Some reviews suggest it s a slow story but for me it set a good pace and it was one of those books I kept wanting to read and wanting of. A beautiful book that was a very thoughtful gift There is so much to recommend this book that I do not have the words to describe so my review is simply that this will go into my top 20 books ever. One of the most heartbreaking novels I have read and I mean that in a good way His character development was masterful, and I was drawn totally into their separate lives To call this a romance or a love story is almost an insult to the deeper themes of the novel familial unity the role that morality, integrity, and responsibility plays in our lives the occurrences in our lives that tear us apart mentally and emotionally Faulks expressed the conflicting emotions of the lovers beautifully wrenching though they were And the depiction of the death of Mary s mother and Mary s reaction to it is one of the strongest pieces of writing that I have read I cannot praise this book highly enough all I can say is that I think it should be on everyone s reading list. `Download Book ↟ On Green Dolphin Street ☔ Fans Will Recognise Sebastian Faulks Focus On Characterisation, Historical Context And The Emotional Power Of His Narrative In His New Novel, On Green Dolphin Street Yet, In Tone And Setting, The Story Of One Woman S Attempt To Face Down Death In The Cold War Years Marks A New Departure For This Bestselling Novelist It S And The Presidential Battle Between Kennedy And Nixon Is Heating Up Just As The Country Stands Between Two Men So Does Mary Van Der Linden, The Wife Of A British Embassy Employee In Washington And Lover Of Political Newspaper Reporter Frank Renzo All Three Are Damaged By Their Experiences Of War Death And Decay Are Everywhere Through The Men S Memory Of War, Mary S Dying Mother, Van Der Linden S Declining Health And The Readers Knowledge That In Only A Few Short Years Kennedy Will Be Dead And Nixon Disgraced Previously, Faulks Has Described In Bloody Detail The Horrors Of The Trenches And The Brutality Of The Battlefield Here He Comments On The Hollowness And Politics Of War And The Human Cost With The Personal Mirroring The Political So Closely, The Inevitability Of The Doomed Love Affair At The Centre Of The Novel Hardly Inspires One To Great Heights Of Empathy Consequently, The Characters Fervour Often Falls Flat He Raked His Fingers Through Her Hair, Down To The Skull, As His Body Filled Hers All The Way, He Thought, I Will Go All The Way, Till I Find Her And With Her Head Between His Hands He Too Let Out A Cry, Because He Felt Pity For Her Soul Faulks, Whose Previous Novels Have Included Bestsellers And Has The Capacity To Sweep His Readers Up In His Historical Sagas And Excels In His Unflinching Treatment Of War Unfortunately, The Switch Here From The Battlefield To The Political Arena Is Not As Compelling And, Considering He Is Writing About One Of The Most Exhilarating Periods In US History And Its Most Exciting City New York