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I liked this one better than Whisper His Name I liked Gwyn a lot even if I didn t agree with some of her choices She s a strong, independant single mother Jason was an ok hero, he didn t stand out in positive or negative The mystery was good, I didn t figure out who the murdere was up to the last pages The romance was satisfying too Not quite for 5 stars but defenitely worth than 3. Good romantic suspense There seems to be no reason for the bad guys to go after the heroine Also her second cousin has turned up in her life again which annoys the spit out of her It s just a good read. Le do en Abril 20142do de la Serie Princesas Sinopsis Cuando Gwyn Barrie recibe una misteriosa herencia de un benefactor an nimo, est segura de que es demasiado bueno para ser cierto Y as resulta ser, pues junto a la herencia aparece el hombre encargado de administrarla, Jason Radley, un antiguo amor frustrado de Gwyn A este inconveniente pronto se unir el miedo un desconocido comienza a seguirla insistentemente por las calles de Londres alguien que, incluso, podr a desear verla muerta.Asustada y sola, Gwyn solo puede recurrir a Jason Pero puede confiar en el hombre que le rompi el coraz n Ser capaz de vencer la pasi n que sigue sintiendo por l Pronto nada ser lo que parece Gwyn y Jason se ver n arrastrados por un torbellino de avaricia y lujuria. Princess CharmingI m not one of those people who likes to tell you the story in my review I loved the story loved the cast of characters and love the romance It was suspenseful, kept my attention, and I ll be reading the whole series again. Really Ike s this book I liked the characters and the plot. Not sure what this isFollowing the theme set by the first novel in this series, we have a substandard romance mixed with a token spy agency and mystery thriller It s confused about what it is and I m confused because I still liked it 3 stars Gwyn as a heroine has Abby from the last book beat by a mile Jason, on the other hand, didn t impress me as much as Hugh, but that s probably being unfair Gwyn is on her own and has a son to raise, yet she has a quiet strength Harry the assassin is threatening enough to seem real, not that I have come across any assassins in my time.Gwyn s son is a darling and it s sweet to read the scenes where he plays with Jason I imagine that Thornton s being a grandmother of 5 in real life when she wrote this gave her the motive to give the little man his own personality The other female character has personality, too than Gwyn, actually Judith is VERY funny Quite a firecracker And her avowed fiance, Jason s brother, likewise shows personality than Jason Grandmother Radley is a pistol, too.Good story Not 5 stars, but not 3 either But why the title Princess Charming There is no princess, and no connection that I remember to Men from Special Branch but then it s been a few days since I finished the book and went on to read 3 My memory is a sieve Was Jason a friend of Hugh or Richard I can t rememberheadslap She passed away in 2010 so sad. This is the first book I have read by Elizabeth Thornton It is a Historical Romance I would say I enjoyed it very much The story brings Gwyn Barrie and Jason Radley together.Gwyn is a widow who is trying to raise her soon teaching music in the early 1800 s Jason is a third couson removed whom she fell in love with when she lived with his family after her family leaves her.Jason shows up on her doorstep telling her about a mysterious legacy donated by an anonymous benefactor Her good fortune suddely turns sour when someone starts trying to kill her.This book was full of mystery and adventure Plus the romance. {READ DOWNLOAD} Õ Princess Charming ¹ When Gwyn Barrie Inherits A Mysterious Legacy Donated By An Anonymous Benefactor, She Is Sure It S Too Good To Be True And It Is For Along With The Legacy Comes The Man Named As The Sole Trustee Of The Money Handsome, Charming Jason Radley Eight Years Ago, Gwyn And Jason Were In Love Until Gwyn Disappeared For Reasons Jason Could Never Understand Now Fate Has Brought Him Back Into Her Life Again Along With The Funds Gwyn So Desperately Needs But Gwyn S Good Fortune Quickly Sours When Someone Begins To Follow Her All Over London Someone Who May Even Want Her Dead Frightened And Alone, Gwyn Has Only Jason To Turn To But Can She Trust The Man Who Broke Her Heart So Many Years Ago And Fight The Passion That Is Seething So Close To The Surface Soon Nothing Is What It Seems As Gwyn And Jason Are Swept Up In A Terrifying Game Of Greed And Lust Where The Stakes Are Nothing Less Than Their Lives I had quite a bit of free time on my hands so I read this book in a couple of hours I liked the murder stalker mystery that plagued the hero and heroine However, I felt that their relationship was not fully developed It felt like the author relied on stuff that happened in the past to fill in the gaps of their relationship.