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!Free Pdf ♤ Satin Lies ⚓ Her Lies May Be Satin, But His Revenge Is Pure SteelEight Years Ago, Faye Benedict Discovered She Was Pregnant With Enrico Lavini S Baby Knowing Enrico Didn T Love Her, She Turned To His Brother For A Marriage Of Convenience Now An Accident Has Taken Her Husband And Stolen Her Memory Slowly, As Her Memory Returns, She Is Forced To Confront The Past And The Deception That Helped Tear A Family ApartAs Head Of An Italian Banking Dynasty, Enrico Considers It His Duty And Responsibility To Protect His Estranged Brother S Widow And Child The Feelings He Once Had For Faye Are Safely Buried Beneath The Weight Of The Past But As Long Hidden Secrets Are Exposed, His Role As Protector Transmutes Into That Of Avenger, And Faye Is Forced To Suffer The Consequences As He Exacts His Own Particular Brand Of Revenge MarriageYet Underneath The Hurt Lies A Soul Deep Love That Will Not Be Denied Love That Only The Truth Can Heal Satin Lies has conflict which adds to it s sensual element I kept saying just one page. Faye is an ass , she won t tell Enrico that they have a daughter together so now he thinks that Melita is his niece and asks Faye to marry him so he could take care of them , so Faye thinks if this is the way he s acting when he thinks Melita is his niece she can t imagine what it would be like when he finds out that his niece is really his daughter , well FYFI a decent father is suppose to take care of his baby dumbass.What a stupidass woman.She kept the man s child away for 8 yrs and she wants to act like the victim , crying because she finds he is treating her coldly.2 1 2 stars