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It s always wonderful when you find a book that is clearly written from the heart This story by Carl Marshall is clearly such a tale Written clearly and concisely, he manages to teach you something without talking down to you As a Christian, I m always curious about different interpretations of the Bible teachings This was quite the enjoyable read The Light of Innocence was an excellent read For a person that is not to much of a reader, I enjoyed this book Many many findings that put a new light on the way we face things every day This book makes me want to readby the author and also it makes me step back and look at my life and which way I want to go It is not a very long book Pretty short for most and unveils a lot of true information I highly recommend this book to anyone If you are not a reader at least take the time to read this book.Carl Marshall takes versus from the bible and goes in great depth to explain the versus. Having been completely self taught and having lived in various parts of the world, Carl Marshall offers a unique perspective on christian theology The Jamaican born author moved to Canada within a year of his high school graduation and soon embarked on the many decade long journey of research and discovery that culminated in The Light of Innocence Marshall brings to light some controversial mysteries that have remained unanswered for centuries The decades of research are evident by the amount of information provided in the rather large volume The tone is set right from the cover image which depicts an unknown man seeking answers, which is exactly what Marshal set out to do in the late nineties. Seldom do I find a books cover as magnetizing as the humility perceived by the image of a kneeling man set against a stunning orangey red sunrise Thankfully, the inner workings of Carl Marshall s book only served to further deepen my appreciation for his artistry The authors voice contains a level of humility which is essential when sharing your own perspective on something as profoundly emotionally resonant as the teachings of Jesus Christ.The authors revelations are fascinating, courageous and thought provoking I ate up the 127 pages and felt truly invigorated afterwards I am very much looking forward to Mr Marshall s next book. I highly recommend this book for Christians searching for the spiritual part of Christianity Carl Marshall shows the difference between true Christianity and religion attending church He even goes so far as to point out that there are those holding positions in the church who value their positionthan their faith However, he supports the call to return to the simple faith with a pure heart with references from the Bible And he gives beautiful explanations of many of our favorite bible stories This is a must read for anyone on a path to spirituality. I am thankful to the author for writing a book about bible teachings that I can relate to and understand As a former Muslim in search of guidance this is exactly what I needed Whenever I tried reading and understanding the bible on my own I became confused until I came across this book If you are looking for a book that will direct you towards leading aChristian life this is a must read What truly makes Light of Innocence a gem is that you can apply the wisdom to your everyday life A simple, enriched way of living life is possible and the author makes getting there clear to his readers. In The Light of Innocence I loved the insight on Christianity that Carl Marshall gives us Overall this book was very informative and helpful citing the bible.This is a book that I would recommend to everyone including non Christians, because it is a great resource Marshall provides us with biblical theology and a well written, educational book on Christianity.This book is an exceptional guide towards building a strong Christian foundation in your life. First off, let me say that I would consider myself a Christian However, this book offered a completely new perspective and understanding of the Christian way of life and the Bible as a whole I thought this book was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone Especially someone searching for a deeper understanding of life I learned invaluable tools that I can use in my everyday life Great book I liked the Light of Innocence Far too many people who write books that are self help of any kind, including religious textbooks, often meander about giving us background on how they did XYZ and why we should listen to them The Light Of Innocence does not but instead goes to the secrets that they deliver One has to choose life or death that is, God may either be obeyed to give life or disobeyed to give death puts an entirely new, interesting spin on Christianity They also have interesting footnotes, such as, the word Spirit should be capitalized according too I also loved the book cover it is extremely unique and it looks great I really liked how they have secrets that discuss all walks of life, from growing spiritually to becoming a Christian Overall a well written book Carl Marshall is an excellent author who writes in a friendly, upbeat tone, instead of the death tone some self help books write at I d read it again for sure. `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ↼ The Light of Innocence ⇻ The Light Of InnocenceAs One Who Is A True Believer In God Because Of Jesus Christ, I Write This Book To Improve My Understanding Of The Testament Of God I Have Watched And Listened To The Many Faces And Voices Of The Gospel And Have Realized That Only If One Attempts To Live The Life Jesus Christ Expects Of Us, Then, And Only Then, Will We Understand The True Gospel Seeing That I Am A Self Learner, The Difficulties Of Understanding Are To My Advantage, But Resisting Temptation Is A Whole New Battleground For MeThe Word Of God Will Not Change, But Our Understanding Does The Reasons I Have Chosen To Follow Jesus Christ Are Because Of The Love And Appreciation I Have For God, The God Of Abraham And Moses, Who, Through His Beloved Son Jesus Christ, Has Given Us Divine WorshipPlease Be Advised That This Document Is Not An Interpretation Of God S Testament It Is A Gift My Lord And Savior Granted Me, Which Has Been A Blessing In My Life I Began By Sharing It With Churches, But Believe, Now, That I Should Share It With The World All References Are Biblical And All The Materials Are Suited For Those Who Desire The Life Given To Us From God Through Jesus Christ Authorized King James Version, Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan