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!Read Epub é Vaclav & Lena ß In Vaclav Lena Haley Tanner Has Created Two Unforgettable Young Protagonists Who Evoke The Joy, The Confusion, And The Passion Of Having A Profound, Everlasting Connection With Someone ElseVaclav And Lena Seem Destined For Each Other They Meet As Children In An ESL Class In Brighton Beach, Brooklyn Vaclav Is Precocious And Verbal Lena, Struggling With English, Takes Comfort In The Safety Of His Adoration, His Noisy, Loving Home, And The Care Of Rasia, His Big Hearted Mother Vaclav Imagines Their Story Unfolding Like A Fairy Tale Or The Perfect Illusion From His Treasured Magician S Almanac, But Among The Many Truths To Be Discovered In Haley Tanner S Wondrous Debut Is That Happily Ever After Is Never A Foregone ConclusionOne Day, Lena Does Not Show Up For School She Has Disappeared From Vaclav S And His Family S Lives As If By A Cruel Magic Trick For The Next Seven Years, Vaclav Says Goodnight To Lena Without Fail, Wondering If She Is Doing The Same Somewhere On The Eve Of Lena S Seventeenth Birthday He Finds OutHaley Tanner Has The Originality And Verve Of A Born Storyteller And The Boldness To Imagine A World In Which Love Can Overcome The Most Difficult Circumstances In Vaclav Lena She Has Created Two Unforgettable Young Protagonists Who Evoke The Joy, The Confusion, And The Passion Of Having A Profound, Everlasting Connection With Someone Else I wasn t sure I was going to read this book I thought it was a young adult book In some ways it is it deals with young adults and their search for what will determine their future choices in life Having completed the book I feel the primary audience is not just young adults Maybe this is one of those special books that can be read by everyone It surprised me The topics covered expanded as the novel continued And I loved the ending, when I read it It tied in perfectly with other themes presented earlier in the novel However, with further consideration, I realize I cannot see this as a viable or good ending I believe it is the reader s attitude to the ending that will determine if they give this book three or four stars I chose three I actually recommend reading this book just to ponder the question of whether the denouement was good or bad I am not quite sure what I think Below follows some of my thoughts as I read the book This book is special because it speaks in very simple, ordinary words of our emotions how mothers feel for their children when they are young and as they grow older, how teenagers feel when they first experience infatuation, sex and love The lines are so simple and yet so true It is also perceptively expresses a son s deep love and understanding for his mother It is the simplicity of the language that is remarkable.I love the simplicity of the lines I love their directness But at the same time I often find myself wondering who this book is written for Is it a coming of age novel written for young adults or is it for adults reminiscing about their years raising kids I believe it is for the latter, but I am unsure One minor criticism I have is that I believe children today are a bit adult and world wise than they are portrayed in these pages The lines are cute, perceptive and most often true, even if the kids seem excessively na ve at times Lena and Vaclav were born in the early 1990s.This book is about having family, but at the same time it is about not having a family Vaclav and Lena are both children of immigrant Russians The book is about their relationship Vaclav has a family, but Lena is an orphan, an orphan in a country, where she has no one, cannot speak the language and has not been caught up and cared for by the proper childcare authorities or anyone else until and then wait and see what happens Lena s parents are gone She lived with an old woman called her babushka, but it is not clear that this woman really was her grandmother No one had introduced English to this small child of five Vaclav and Lena live in Brooklyn When Lena s babushka dies, under grisly circumstances in the bathtub, the authorities step in An aunt is dug up, but this aunt is only interested in the childcare stipend The authorities decide the child is best placed with her aunt This small child had in two days time come to feel comfortable, safe and somewhat secure with her room and a few adults Anna and Toast Again she was moved Lena was starting to miss Anna, and even Toast.What is there for a Lena type person to do in this situation What is there to do when you are a person who is young and small When you own only the clothes you are wearing and the one barrette clipped into your hair, which is always sliding out of place and getting stuck in the knots behind your ears When you do not have a phone or any phone numbers to call Even if you thought that someone like Anna, might be able to help you and make you feel better, even if that might be true, how would you even begin to think about how to make a plan to get out of the situation you are in, which is making you feel very, very bad Even if you start to feel, in your aunt s car, that you would like to be anywhere else in the world, that you do not want to go where you are going, what can you dopage 199 Lena s world is depicted perceptively, honestly and in very simple terms.Do not worry What I am telling you is not a spoiler Or is the book about the sloppiness of childcare authorities Wouldn t someone check out the aunt s housing and who she was as a person Read the book to find out Actually the events are complicated than one might think So the book is about family relationships, about orphans, about childcare services It is a coming of age novel It can be read and enjoyed by one of any age It is also about dreams and hopes and magic In addition it closes with a wonderful message, but a message I would have difficulty following The reading experience is enjoyable from start to finish And the end Read the book to find out where you stand Does the book deserve four stars anyway One never really knows what will happen after the pages close Ughh, I cannot decide between three and four stars My ending would be so boring. Ecco un libro che non regaler mai al mio fidanzato.Se dovesse raccontarvelo lui, ve lo spiegherebbe cos E insomma, sta a sent La storia si svolge in America Ci son sti due regazzini, figli di immigrati russi che crescono assieme All inizio na cosa che pi puerile di cos nun se po sent , dopo un pochetto per , ce prendi gusto a sap che faranno, se si bucheranno, se s ammazzeranno, se la vita je sorrider Poi un bel giorno a ragazzetta mingherlina sparisce Epper nella quarta di copertina nun ce sta gi scritto che ritorna Perci sorpresa zero, gnente Evvabb , che famo Aspettemo che ritorni A tre quarti del libro arieccola, e a quel punto le solite menate dell a mai interrotto, che per nun je la fa a sbocci perch ci son degli ostacoli, e oddio quelle cose che a voi donnine ve piacciono da mor E allora tu pensi, ecco dove sta la svorta Adesso, alla fine E a te pare de vederla sta gnappetta della Tanner con quel faccino anni settanta e il posacenere sullo scrittoio che sta l a confezion sto finalone che te lo ricorderai pessempre E tu sei l , che aspetti, e aspetti Ma a un certo punto, cosa fa sta zozzona Alza lo sguardo all orologio da parete, e dice Sti cazzi, ma c il derby Roma Lazio Cos , si alza, pija il pacchetto de sigarette sul tavolo, e con la penna e pure male, scrive E vissero felici e contenti A , ma tacci sua Sai che te dico Che se scoppia un incendio a casa, e questo libro se salva, il fuoco je lo appicco io Ecco, questo ci che direbbe lui.Io che sono ovviamente pi dolce e sensibile, carina e graziosa, piagnucolosa e lunatica, e via dicendo, dico invece che in effetti la trama manca di spessore, e che la delicatezza tipica dei rapporti tra bambini che solitamente tanto affascina, e che forse era l unico punto di forza di questo libro, andata a farsi benedire insieme al finale super precipitoso Cos , se scoppia un incendio a casa mia, e questo libro si salva, mi tocca pure aspettare che mio moroso finisca il suo fal , e mi ripassi l accendino. Wow Where do I begin I was born in the former Soviet Union and grew up in Brooklyn, albeit not on Brighton Beach, but then neither did Vaclav and Lena That area is called Sheepshead Bay, but it almost seems that the author couldn t resist throwing in yet another cliche of the Russian immigrant experience The book is full of them a vodka swilling father, an obese wart covered mother, chain smoking strippers, greasy borscht, tea and Russian television I was half expecting a balalaika playing bear to headline the side show.Vaclav s family s decision to converse in English didn t ring true Not at all Most Russian immigrants believe in preserving the native language at all cost, even if it means sending an American born child to kindergarten without speaking a word of English The general belief is that the child will learn a new language quickly and easily, but will forget Russian, and will regret it later Vaclav came to the US at the age of four, went to school, spoke English at home and still takes ESL classes and speaks with a heavy accent at the age of nine Hmm Rasia is not a Russian name Raisa is, as in Raisa Gorbachev I was very moved by her love for the children, actually had a lump in my throat reading about Rasia watching her son and Lena walk away from her on Coney Island, but kept tripping over the name.I understand that it s hard for me to be impartial, because I know so much about the Russian immigrant community of Brooklyn, but that s precisely the reason why I wanted to read this book and was so eager to like it Too bad that didn t happen. I think this is the kind of book that people critics who know nothing about Russia, Russian culture or Russian immigrant communities in the United States will absolutely love, and that people who know anything about those subjects will approach with a critical eye Because I really WANTED to like this book, but I kept trying to figure out why Ms Tanner wrote about something she was clearly so unfamiliar with soooooo many cliches about Russian immigrants, sooooo many things that just didn t ring true, such as, for example, Vaclav s name, which is in no way a Russian name And her explanation for it being a long ago Polish ancestor ALSO didn t ring true, because, well, Vaclav is a CZECH name primarily So that took me out of the story already That was just the beginning On the other hand, there were passages of great power and beauty in the novel, and I will definitely read of Ms Tanner s work because I think she s a talented writer I just wish she d been a little bit less anxious to appropriate other people s cultural backgrounds so superficially.