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@Download Ebook ñ Down the Road: On the Last Day ⛅ The Walking Dead A Global Crisis The Remnants Of America Around The Globe, The Dead Are Rising To Devour The Living Hospitals Are Overrun, And Martial Law Has Been Declared The Streets Are In Chaos Society Is Disintegrating In A Small South Texas Town, The Mayor Has Rallied His Citizens Against The Living Dead And Secured Their Borders Isolated In The Countryside, The Community Holds Their Own But When Two Strangers From San Antonio Stumble Into Town, They Bring News Of A Global Peacekeeping Force Sweeping Toward The City Led By A Ruthless Commander, The Force Is Determined To Secure The Republic Of Texas On Its Own Terms, And Establish A New, Harsh Government For The Plague Ravaged Nation Will The Independently Fortified Texas Town Hold Out Against The Flesh Eating Zombies And The Tyrannical Foreign Army Traveling Down The Road Not a great story, lots of characters i couldn t get to even remotely care about and the author really puts forth his hatred of government which showed up a lot in the other books in this story and comes off a lot with conspiracy theory type stuff This book had me rolling my eyes constantly at the dialogue and the situations The U.N stuff was annoying too The whole world is falling apart, but the U.N soldiers come to the U.S and are occupying the country while pretending to secure people from the zombiesOverall not that great of a story I ve read much much better zombie stories I gave it a 2 star rating because i have read much much worse zombie stories Voyage of the Dead I got this for free originally so it s not all bad tho. Holy Shit i think this is one of the worst books i ve ever read There is no way i can finish this It s not like i had super high expectations for a zombie book, just thought it would be a fun read I ve always had a weakness for zombies I don t even know what else to say about it it sucks ass awful awkward writing, author inserting his random political and other views into strange places ha , i mean, it s a zombie book for christsake this is not the place for that. I just finished Down the Road, On the Last Day What a great book I was expecting to read a story about several different strangers all coming together in the end to fight off the undead hordes What I found was something completely unexpected andenjoyable.On the Last Day is a great story about the small town of Beeville, Texas It was is the incredible story about a group of neighbors and their effort to maintain a sense of community and normalcy in not so normal times I loved it.The story is just amazing I found myself completely lost in plight of this small town that was so familiar and real to me because it was much like the town in which I grew up.I also found myself completely wrapped up in the lives of the character I was cheering for their victories and despairing in their defeats His writing creates a window into their very lives and souls I felt every high and low and was very often shocked at the outcome Mr Ibarra captured the very best the human spirit has to offer and the worst.As for the ending to this story, I never saw it coming is all I am going to say Another must for any zombie library, Mr Ibarra has done it again I so hope their arezombie novels to come from him as his style of writing is like no other, simply amazing.The only thing I would ask is for a translation of the spanish lines in the book I had to keep my spanish to english dictionary for those few lines I could not understand I read it on my E reader so their maybe translations in the print book that are not in the e books. After reading the first novel by this author, I was not really looking forward to readingof his work Well, he did better the second time around.Ibarra still remains fixated on some strange ideas of sexual intercourse and demonstrates a general disdain for almost all goverment agencies and all soldiers I was not quite as offended by the portayal of soldiers in this book as his previous novel, but I still believe Ibarra has a very twisted image of the average soldier.Although Down The Road The Last Day still has a large amount of flaws to it, I would not call this a bad story or bash it badly One very silly point that stuck with me was the idea that one person has a ring tone set aside for a specific person and not a specific phone number At one point, the ring tone happens and the character does not reach the phone in time to answer The number comes up as private How exactly did the phone know who was calling I think the most unfortunate thing about this novel is that he did not release this before his other work Ibarra demonstrated a great dealmaturity in this book than his last Let s hope he continues to grow and improve as he writes.