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I admit that I read little of the text within this book, much preferring to take in the photographs in and of themselves The photos show interiors that are lived in than many interior design books so that s a big plus But there were many interiors that I wondered if people really lived there at all oh, so much statuary inside Interesting glimpse into some peoples lives. I have honestly no idea what was undecorated about these homes Everyone of them seemed completely done Yes, they tended to be done in thrift store finds and too much clutter, but they were still done by a decorator I found the books premise really annoying since it was so obviously untrue. #FREE DOWNLOAD õ Undecorate ⚢ Jettison The Old Rulebooks About Home D Cor And Undecorate Your Space As The Founder And Creative Director Of DwellStudio Which Is Famous For Its Brightly Colored, Graphic Textile Designs For Home Furnishings Designer Christiane Lemieux Challenges Tradition In A Quintessentially American Way, Championing A Fresh, Unconventional Approach To Creating A Beautiful And Comfortable Home Lemieux Emboldens Readers To Push Aside Stuffy, Professionally Designed D Cor, Showing Them Instead How To Infuse Their Own Personality Into Their Home Undecorate Profiles Twenty Homes From All Over The Country, Revealing Their Owners Love Of Imperfection And Penchant For Surprise And Unusual Juxtapositions While Inspiring Readers To Follow Their Own Whimsy And Practicalities In Their Personal Spaces An Anglophile Creates An English Manor In Hollywood, Mixing British Flea Market Finds With Midcentury Furniture A Car Fanatic Turns A Vintage Airstream Trailer Into A Master Bedroom And Situates It In The Middle Of A Vast Industrial Loft In Downtown Chicago A Couple Transforms A Log House In Nashville, Tennessee, By Blending Their Modern And Eclectic Styles With The Home S Rustic Charm Though The Designs Differ Widely, The Spaces All Express An Open Minded Attitude Some Homes Embrace Their Contexts, While Others Transcend Them All Are Shaped By Instinct And Imagination And Share Innovative Ideas That Readers Can Use To Organically And Elegantly Create Their Home To Match Their Lifestyle And Tastes Lemieux Gets To The Essence Of The Homeowners Distinctive Styles, Pinpointing The Transformative Ideas, Thoughtful Details, And Useful Solutions That Make Each Home Memorable With Than Full Color Photographs, Undecorate Will Both Inspire And Guide Homeowners To A New Outlook On Home Design I was disappointed at the conventionally of this book rather quickly and quit reading and just looked at the pictures While this approach may be undecorated by 1950s standards, these pictures would be perfectly at home in Elle Decor, Dwell, IKEA, or West Elm, etc which makes me think this book is titled incorrectly For a book coming from 2011, this seems just like the mode du jour in my opinion. Fantastic photos and the homes apts yeah thats what I want That is where I want to live Lovely book Would have it on my coffee table, if there wasn t so much other crap on there already. The founder of DwellStudio is publisher and amassed this collection of photographs providing a variety of personal style dwelling ideas She proves that all a homes needs to be is clean The interior design and decor is really the personality of the inhabitors I marval at the collections, textiles, display of color and function within design Really fun One of the best interior design books I ve read recently Not every interior will be to everyone s taste my favorite was the couple with the antique farm outside New York , and some may seem ridiculous, but they all encourage you to think outside the decorating box. i don t know why all the middling ratingsthis is such a beautiful, inspiring book a total 5 i especially loved the peek inside the marina city tower chicago apt at the end This interior design book, from the creators of DwellStudio, is about breaking rules like harmony, balance, scale and moderation The premise of this book is that we, the people, are on the cusp of an undecorate movement in contemporary interior design The advent of the internet democratizes interior style, providing inspiration, a soap box and suitable d.i.y instruction to turn anyone with a sense of style into their own interior designer In this environment, breaking the stuffy old conventional rules of interior design is de rigueur The only rule that seems to remain is that you must love it Fabrics and patterns don t match or even complement each other Wallpaper creeps up the ceiling Some of the homes in this book are not exactly my taste, but I found myself ooh ing and aah ing often than not Each home is distinctly different from the others in the book because this isn t a lesson in A Style it s an inspiration for Style What they have in common is a truly personal expression of each quirky, creative, busy person people family The resource list is predictable if you read websites like Apartment Therapy, and the really exciting shopping comes from flea markets, antique stores thrift shops We all already knew that, but I admire the way these homes pull that together and make it look so effortless. I ended up feeling a little disappointed with this interior design book I thought it was going to be of a how to use what you got , instead of here look at all these peoples houses who have money and time than you shrugs