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A brilliant book that is blunt and rough where necessary and well written to be graceful and not only condemn sin but provide practical advice to survive against temptation and rehabilitate a biblical understanding of intimacy in marriage and purity in singleness Simply the best book written on the subject Pastors, counselors and individuals will benefit from their reading Chester suggests that our culture and the church has become pornified, meaning that the aesthetics, values, and standards of pornography have seeped into mainstream popular culture and the church He then developed a comprehensive discussion of the issues of porn from a biblical perspective His discussion centered on five key ingredients that need to be in place if you re going to win your battle with porn 1 abhorence of porn 2 adoration of God 3 assurance of grace 4 avoidance of temptation 5 accountability to others He effectively uses personal testimony and citations of other sources on porn to make his point Many of his references are available on the web for further information on the topic Chester clearly shows that porn is a worship disorder and closes with this challenge Are you going to choose the shame of porn or the glory of God #DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚡ Closing the Window Í Pornography Is Everywhere Far Too Many Christians Regularly Use And Are Addicted To It, Warping Their Perception Of Sexuality And Relationships, Destroying Marriages And Ministries But Christians Who Struggle With Porn Also Long For Change When We Realize The Unfulfilling Emptiness Of Porn, We Come To Yearn For Freedom From It But What Do We Do Tim Chester Says That We Can Be Captured By A Better Vision A Liberating Confidence That God Offers Than Pornography Does Moving Beyond Pat Answers Or Mere Willpower, Chester Offers Spiritual, Practical And Corporate Resources For Living Porn Free He Exposes The False Promises Of Porn And Redirects Us To The True Promises Of God With Assurance Of God S Grace And Cleansing Power, We Can Change Our Desires And Escape The Traps And Temptations Of Pornography However Great The Challenge, God S Grace Is Even Greater And We Can Come To A Place Where We No Longer Feel The Need To Use Porn Close The Window On Porn And Open The Door To Freedom, Integrity And New Life Although this book is geared towards porn users, it is a great book for anyone seeking a closer relationship with Christ Tim really hits a home run when he says, Only Christians are free not to sin, because we have new controlling desires from God But the old sinful desires and habits linger on, so the Christian life is a battle and the battlefield is our hearts Change involves a lifetime of daily struggle The battle is never over, so beware lest you fall Change takes a lifetime, because the habit s of sin run deep But it s also because God wants us to learn the depth of his grace He s preparing Us to praise his grace for all eternity It s often hard going because he wants us to learn to grasp hold of Christ firmly, desperately, humbly This book is geared towards anyone who is broken and contrite in spirit, struggling with sin And for the one who may not be broken and sorry for their sin, by the time you finish reading the book, hopefully you will be Tim uses much scripture to support his thoughts and does not leave you feeling condemned, but shows you that there is hope in Jesus Christ to set you free from the shallow pleasures of pleasing the flesh. The best book I ve read on a topic which needs to be commonly discussed among Christians Starts by applying the gospel to the heart issues that lead to porn use before getting to practical strategies Quite frank and full on at times, not a book to read casually I m becoming of a Tim Chester fan with every one of his books that I read. Really great book Simple to read and takes a clear and thoughtful look at the problem of porn, which is huge in our churches and the wider world also It wrecks people men, women, families, ministries, churches and so it s high time we get this sorted Tim Chester takes a gospel centred view of porn and how to overcome it Not just a self help, practical book although practical measures are talked about but aims to tackle the root of porn addiction, which varies from individual to individual I went through the book with a friend and it provides an excellent base for mentoring, accountability and discussion, with challenging questions at the end of the book. Some of the content was too graphic for me I know the problem of pornography is real, dark and widespread but some of the images he put in my head I can t forget I didn t need examples I had to put it down I need tools to help people I love, not graphic pictures I can t get out of my head. I believe it is one of the best books out today dealing with lust and porn Tim goes to the heart of the matter by pointing us to our deep need for Jesus Christ We don t change by bouncing our eyes, we change by putting our eyes on Christ Highly recommend this book The prevalence of pornography in our electronic age is an important matter for the whole of society, and even so for Christians who know that sexuality is a wonderful gift from God that can be awfully twisted into ugliness.Chester is not all about a technique to stop porn in one s life But he does not mock techniques, either, but places them in a better whole of life context Use the skills like accountability software, etc , but use them as tools in the bigger picture of life with Christ.Chester s five broad topics are, in my words hate porn, love God, trust God, actively avoid porn, get help As is clear, there are reasons why, and there are tips how And both are important.Chester quotes extensively from people who completed an on line survey for him, and this illustrates his points nicely while introducing a chatty feel to parts of the book This complements the parts which are solid sections of thoughtful argument.I have a few criticisms, but none of them are major.Though a shortish book, about 160 pages, I think it could have been edited a bit The chapters seem to have long introductions before getting to the major point And those intros don t always really tightly connect to the main point, in my view.Chester acknowledges that porn is a problem for both men and women, and can be expressed in non porn ways like romance novels, or underwear junk mail But I certainly had the sense this book was about blokes with porn problems If there was some editing out above , then the book could edit in on women s experiences of porn.Chester takes the line of Genesis 2 18 that it was not good for the man to be alone to mean he was lonely, needing companionship That s a tempting preaching point, believe me , but is probably not the point of the text.But to finish with negatives would be way off this is a good book, on an important topic, written with gospel shaped truth, which shows love to all touched by the damaging scourge of pornography. Tim Chester, in the vein of his previous work You Can Change, tackles the specific sin of sexual addiction and pornography With a much clearer focus and a smoother writing style, Chester offers some practical wisdom wrapped up in very heavy doctrine Where as Craig Gross offers pragmatic methodology, Tim Chester thoroughly covers the necessary theology This is like the flipside of the coin for breaking addiction Chester this time around relies less on platitudes though still uses them and gets into the gritty business of porn addiction With plenty of quotes from everyday people and some of the stats we ve grown used to, Chester makes sure to attack the problem at its root our identity Porn addiction is self worship, and without a recognition of such an abominable condition, we can t hope to overcome The book is clear about this from start to finish There are no shortcuts here Those who want to quit porn and wake up out of hyper sexual patterns cannot just check off a list of actions While we cannot do less than that, there is an internal alignment that is fixated on some seriously wrong paradigms It must turn repent to the truth Chester does a great job, even if at times wordy, of describing such biblical truth Chester does sometimes get his feet off the ground in heavy theology and this tends to come off overly preachy, as if we needed to be chided some about God s Will This is where the work of Craig Gross contrasts the most because it breathes like a real person who is offering grace instead of a motherly slap I wish there would have been of Chester s personal journey to share his own struggles with porn, which would ve been an epic conclusion But he only briefly spends a page on it Bottom line This is another worthwhile book on quitting porn through the power of Christ It covers the theology deeply than the typical methods and will certainly dig deep on the issue I also recommend this with Craig Gross work and Mark Driscoll s teaching.