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@Read E-pub ô Angel Ü They Re Out For Your SoulAnd They Don T Have Heaven In MindWillow Knows She S Different From Other Girls, And Not Just Because She Loves Tinkering With Cars Willow Has A Gift She Can Look Into The Future And Know People S Dreams And Hopes, Their Sorrows And Regrets, Just By Touching Them She Has No Idea Where This Power Comes From But The Assassin, Alex, Does Gorgeous, Mysterious Alex Knows About Willow Than Willow Herself Does He Knows That Her Powers Link To Dark And Dangerous Forces And That He S One Of The Few Humans Left Who Can Fight Them When Alex Finds Himself Falling In Love With His Sworn Enemy, He Discovers That Nothing Is As It Seems Least Of All Good And Evil My bar for ranking new angel books is admittedly low I mean, look at the comps and see the lack of competition Until Unearthly, I was beginning to think it may be impossible to write a decent angel book Out of all paranormal creatures, angels have received the worse treatment in YA books BY FAR I won t go into the examples we all know what they are.With Angel Burn, I was pleasantly surprised The wearisome elements plaguing other angel books TSTL heroines, creepy obsessive love interests, shoddy mythology were largely absent Both Willow and Alex are unique and likeable While they are immediately attracted to each other, the actual romance builds for much of the book, and the insta love is kept to a happy minimum Yes, it was the hunter falling in love with his prey we ve seen done before, but the chemistry between Willow and Alex and the way the author let the attraction simmer for chapter after chapter had me hooked.Although Angel Burn has a slow start, the pacing picks up immediately once Willow and Alex begin their road trip escape The story does descend into gooey teenage love about 2 3 of the way in, but at least the author let Willow and Alex spend time together and get to know each other first.While I m not sure why these creatures are called angels they re certainly not angelic in the traditional sense and don t seem to come from Heaven they were the perfect villains sufficiently creepy and evil The mythology is developed enough to make sense, and it s definitely unique.I m happy to say that with its original mythology, likeable main characters, and simmering romance, Angel Burn far surpasses many of its angel book competitors. Bollywood has a special genre of movies called Masala movies Masala, in case you re wondering, is a powdered mixture of spices to add flavour to Indian cuisine Masala movies, on the same note, are a mixture of dramatic elements designed to appeal to the senses STEP 1 Boy Meets Girl Boy and girl bump into each other meet at a wedding are introduced by friends and there is an instant connection which will, of course, soon lead to true lurrve STEP 2 Girl Plays Coy The path of true lurrve is never smooth, so of course, our hero and or heroine hate each other on sight Our heroine fight with, teases, yet secretly dreams of her annoying yet adorable hero STEP 3 Discovering Love through Song What good is a Bollywood movie without a song STEP 4 Enter Bad Guy Star crossed lovers need a reason to be star crossed, right Cue Bad Guy The role of the bad guy is simple Look ugly, act threatening, kidnap and or threaten to kill heroine.STEP 5 Dramatic Separation Of course, since the heroine must face the death at the hands of the bad guy, it is her duty to face her fate bravely, and just as bravely entreat the hero to save himself and not some after her subtext if you don t come after me, you bastard, I ll rise from the grave and cut your balls off Since every hero has an ardent desire to save his genitalia save his true lurrve, the hero will, of course, ignore this brave advice and run boldly after the heroine While he does so, of course, there will be a flashback of all his tender memories of the heroine, and a song STEP 5.1 Song of Remembrance STEP 6 Hero Saves the Day Arriving in the nick of time, the Hero bravely battles the bad guy while the heroine has swooned from her efforts to protect her chastity Emerging the victor, it is time for the hero to do a victory dance STEP 6.1 Victory Song image error I realise it was probably a mistake to read another angel book so soon after finishing Angelfall, but it was amongst the gushing reviews and comments on the aforementioned that I read about these two books sharing a similar theme This theme being that, rather than having pretty, sparkly, heaven sent angels, the authors used the traditional, violent creatures who have come to earth in order to take over However, this is where the similarities between the two novels end.Angel Burn has a much heavier focus on romance In fact, the majority of the book is taken up by the development of the relationship between the male and female protagonists who are, of course, drawn to each other from the very beginning I cannot help but be annoyed when the heroine pauses in life threatening situtations to ogle this novel s piece of man candy Is this normal behaviour Surely myself and Penryn cannot be the only ones to prefer survival Naturally, they are already eternally, unconditionally in love by the novel s half way marker I also would guess that the equivalent of about sixty pages in total is given to Willow and Alex s kissing sessions Way too much of this rather large book was about the romance And what was the plot, exactly Like Article 5, like The Other Life, the bad guys are not actually that important They are merely the tool needed to get the two lovebirds on the run together and allow for the road trip romancing to take place Unlike Angelfall, the angel mythology is so underdeveloped This could quite easily have been a book about vampires, werewolves, aliens take your pick You d only have to change a few words and phrases here and there.Perhaps it would not have been so bad if the romance hadn t been so damn corny as well I m not totally immune to the charms of a sexy guy in a leather jacket and the call of a touching romance, but this pulled some scenes that I m pretty sure only Disney can get away with You know what I mean, one of them is lying on the ground and no, please no, you can t be dead I love you and then their eyes flicker open Oh, please.If you re a hardcore PNR fan or haven t already read way too much annoying paranormal novels then this could be for you If you ve read Angelfall recently, though, I recommend waiting a good while before reading this because, in my opinion, it pales in comparison. Free for Kindle right now Download from before the deal ends Review edited 6 3 11 to include this freebie There s something a brew in the heavens, because there has been a streak of great books centered around angels lately After disappointments like Hush, Hush, Fallen, and various other novels, it s exciting to have books like Unearthly and Mercy and now Angel Burn, which is the first in a trilogy previously published in the U.K under a slightly different title.What s unusual about this book is that it takes the whole notion of angels as kindly guardians and turns it upside down Angels want something very badly from humans in this story, and their secret is a pretty devastating one Willow is a clairvoyant who sees flashes of the future for anyone she touches, and is horrified by a disturbing vision she sees while doing a reading for a classmate In the meantime, alternate chapters follow a sexy and mysterious young assassin named Alex, who first sees Willow as a nemesis, but who gradually helps her to uncover incredible secrets about her past and about her future.Willow and Alex are both fantastic characters on their own, making mature decisions and doing their best in an impossible situation, but they become stronger and even appealing together Throughout most of the book, they are on the run and alone in the car, so it s a testament to the writer that the reader remains engrossed in the mounting tension of the story as well as the slow burn of a relationship between the unlikely pair Willow and Alex are deeply connected and funny and honest, and it s refreshing to read about a boy and a girl who are actually nice to each other, even when they have every compelling reason not to be Angel Burn is a terrific page turner with unforgettable characters, and readers will be on the edge of their seats waiting its sequels This review also appears in The Midnight Garden An advance copy was provided by the publisher.