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I like a good ramble and mumble grumble but this book has pretty much no plot Her parents have broken up, shes an angsty virgin and that s about it for the whole book I kept reading it and gave it 3 stars cos I quite liked the tone, shes witty and I liked the literary references. Keek s life sucks Her parents are splitting up her dad cheated , she and her boyfriend had a huge fight and now she s quarantined at her grandmother s house with the chicken pox Which apparently is the worst thing ever when you re a teenager she s sick for ages She s getting through it, though, thanks to a typewriter did I mention that her grandma s house has no internet and a copy of The Bell Jar.I need to re read The Bell Jar, I think, because it is all over this novel and it s not an exaggeration to say that Esther Greenwood is as much a part of this story as Keek is.Keek is a little too consumed with her own thoughts for my taste this was basically like being captive in, like, 30 therapy services back to back That said, she s also smart and funny.Not my favorite but still worth a try. First off, I need to express my undying love for the heroine of this book Holy eff, Keek is just fantastic I felt such a strong connection with her that several times it seemed like she was speaking directly to me, cracking me up with inside jokes and telling me stories I d specifically appreciate Keek s voice is so strong She is real, funny and overall so damn INTERESTING I loved her from her first feverish sentence I d even go as far as to call her one of my favorite heroines ever Sometimes though, it seemed Keek was closer to a sopho in college than a sopho in high school, some older version of Keek looking back on a fateful summer But that could also be a result fault of the format, which while genius in some ways, screwed with the overall feeling of the book in others Keek is basically typing her thoughts while she s held hostage by the chicken pox and everything else in her life is in a massive upheaval Originally it is absolutely hysterical because of her feverish rants and musings but as the fever subsides Keek s writing veers from absolute candor toward general observations This became especially obvious when it was time to wrap up the plot lines The format made the endings seem so much tidier than they actually were because Keek was telling us her end evaluations after she had thought about it, not her unreserved reactions while things were actually happening It contrasts to the emotional outbursts and inner monologue train of thought feeling of the feverish entries and ends up like overly tidy summaries by a fifteen year old with enviable amounts of perspective and self awareness BUT that introspection is also what makes Keek such a great character in the first place I was ultimately charmed at all of the thought she put into everything even when it bordered on becoming a The Bell Jar book report This isn t just some superficial stressing Keek is doing, this is analysis She s a deep thinker She is looking for the deeper meaning of things, she s trying to understand And I absolutely freaking loved that about her I think you will too I d definitely recommend this book. UGGGGhhhHI did not like this book at all I had a sticky note stuck to the front cover so I could write down big points that bothered me HERE GOES As mentioned in a previous update, THE SOFA KING BUSINESS I kept a tally and from beginning to end the main character, Keek ugh , used the phrase 25 TIMES Is it supposed to be funny Cute Zany I am left without answers Keek was so unbearable Pretentious, slut shaming, whiney..just the kind of person that you know would drive you crazy from school Let me explain some stuff in detail 1 Pretentious The freakin Sylvia Plath references I like Sylvia as much as the next girl, and the Bell Jar is a great book, BUT WOW Message RECEIVED, Keek So so so much Bell Jar name dropping The whole thing was so I m a special snowflake cause I read y She literally said it sustains me and scribbles Sylvia quotes on her tights and wears them while brooding through the halls of high school Give me a break 2 emo 4 school Also the sentence I get loquacious talking about vintage crap..alright Not even commenting on that 2 Slut shamey I beg of you, world, please give me YA protagonists that don t slut shame in one way or another Cause right now it s looking like Mia Thermopolis is the only one love you forever, Mia Not only slut shamey, but also girl hate y I have a totally high tolerance for gore and otherwise vile things They just don t skeeve me out like your average girl okay keek let yourself out 3 Whiney Much of the book was made up not of plot but of the same cycle of whining It s not much fun to read All of this, plus the voice of Keek was very off, IMHO As said before, never in my life have I met a teenager that says WTF out loud Also, the text language was just.i m sorry..ridiculous..I actually had to check what year the book was written because it looked like the teen speak of the early 2000s Actual quote Whatev duznt m r Nyway ParNts stil breakN I died ( READ E-PUB ) ⚖ And Then Things Fall Apart ⚆ Keek S Life Was Totally PerfectKeek And Her Boyfriend Just Had Their Worst Fight Ever Her Best Friend Heinously Betrayed Her Her Parents Are Divorcing And Her Mom S Across The Country Caring For Her Newborn Cousin, Who May Or May Not Make It Home From The Hospital To Top It All Off, Keek S Got The Plague Well, The Chicken Pox Now She S Holed Up At Her Grandmother S Technologically Barren House Until Further Notice Not Quite The Summer Vacation Keek Had In MindWith Only An Old Typewriter And Sylvia Plath S The Bell Jar For Solace And Guidance, Keek S Alone With Her Swirling Thoughts But One Thing S Clear Through Her Feverish Haze She S Got To Figure Out Why Things Went Wrong So She Can Make Them Right From Best Kept YA Secrets 2011 www.jenryland.blogspot.com Dec 13, 2011Sylvia Plath Chicken Pox An old fashioned typewriter This sounds like a party game pick three things out of a hat and make them into a story But it works Keek is quarantined at her grandmother s house with a case of the chicken pox and this mysterious device called a typewriter She s pissed at her boyfriend Her parents are splitting up And she s obsessed with Sylvia Plath This book is clever, poignant and funny Keek has a strong, hilarious voice If you haven t read this book, why not Review posted at Amaterasu Reads I will be starting this review with the quote Sometimes things fall apart so they can fall into the right places It might not be the exact quote, but it s the one I remember vividly while I was reading this book Keek s life went from perfect to worse Just a week ago she was still happy with her boyfriend, Matt, until they had a fight over doing it Until she contracted chicken pox Until her parents marriage became a big disaster And until her so called best buddy decided it was a great idea to sleep with her father in their restaurant s freezer Now everything was so wrong, and Keek was shipped to her grandmother s house, away from civilization, with a broken phone and no internet connection, sick and very depressed, only a typewriter and her battered copy of The Bell Jar to keep her company until she gets better So Keek did the only thing she could do if she wants to stay sane Write And write she did, about everything that went wrong, and think about them, and maybe think of how to fix her life while writing about it.There is something about Keek that makes her very entertaining I love reading about characters like her It s infinitely satisfying and intriguing to read from a person s point of view because you get to know everything, the whole package Everything that Keek feels, from hatred, to confusion, to intense love, loneliness and bitterness felt very honest, and it has impact when you read it as she tells it No sugarcoating Just the truth, and what she feels about it Her humour and frequent sarcastic remarks pasted a permanent grin on my face while reading You can tell that for a fifteen year old, Keek is a smart girl with a lot on her plate She s at that point where everything around her seems to demand answers and everywhere she looks she can t help but be confused.Drawing parallels with Esther of The Bell Jar and comparing the book to her life is the highlight of And Then Things Fall Apart I haven t read The Bell Jar, so I m not sure what to expect of Esther, but from what I can tell, her character and the book helped Keek deal with her issues It was hard to see anything good out of what was happening to Keek s life, but The Bell Jar helped Writing became therapeutic for Keek and before long, she was trying to get out of her depression She had to be angry, depressed and lonely to be able to sort out her feelings and realize the mistakes she has made and make amends for them As said in the book, what was done cannot be undone , but Keek can start over and she realized that after quite a lot of difficulties.And Then Things Fall Apart, though told solely from Keek s perspective, has a few characters readers will love aside from Keek herself This book made me appreciate my grandmother all the It also made me a little bit sad for Keek s parents Keek made me feel what she feels I hated her parents, despised Amanda, adored her grandmother, loved Nic, and still felt torn about Matt I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with a few things in the book It made me realize that it might be healthy to ponder about our lives once in a while.Arlaina Tibensky has a way with words Quirky, snarky, but downright touching, And Then Things Fall Apart is quite a debut If Keek feels unloved by her parents, you will love her after Filled with sarcastic humor, and countless musings about love, sex, family and life in general, And Then Things Fall Apart is a fantastic debut The haikus and anagrams are also worth taking a look, there s something in those words we can all relate to.Arlaina Tibensky is a promising author that I will be looking out for, with this splendid novel. It s always nice when one cursorily reads something nice about a book on a blog, then months later randomly sees it at the library and picks it up whilst somewhat remembering hearing about it and not only does it turn out to be quite good, but Really Quite Good Indeed.In And Then Things Fall Apart, high school student Keek has a revelatory summer after developing a later in life case of the chicken pox She s feuding with her best friend and boyfriend, her parents are separated after her father cheated with a waitress at the restaurant her family owns a waitress who has become an inspirational friend of Keek s , and she s trapped at her Luddite grandmother s house in the meantime Sounds like the stuff of a fine enough guilty pleasure contemporary YA work, no But through her writing, debut author Tibensky makes the story really shine Obsessed with Sylvia Plath, Esther Greenwood, and The Bell Jar, Keek logs the ups and downs of her summer on her grandmother s typewriter, sprinkling in various works of poetry and other diversions Unreliable narrators are often my favorites, and though Keek is generally cogent, the histrionics of teenagerdom and suffering from chicken pox, which apparently can cause extreme sickness if one doesn t catch it until many years past the infant toddler years take hold as we discover that though she believes her relationship with her best friend and boyfriend could be beyond repair, the actual situation may not be quite as serious For readers who shy away from unlikeable protagonists, the novel may be off putting, but for those who appreciate well rounded, real characters, the narrative is a delight.Tibensky is a fabulous writer in the vein of E Lockhart, writing a convincing and compulsively readable teenage voice while still mixing in plenty of brains and literary motifs on which to gnaw It s too bad this wasn t picked up by the Morris committee, but I hope it receives some attention on award etc lists in the new year And though this is generally a very successful work, there are a couple points that keep it from being a 5 star read for me The sofa king phrase felt a bit too cutesy for me, though I appreciate it a bit when viewing it as a link from Amanda, the waitress with whom her father cheated though Keek viewed her as impossibly cool before finding out Though Keek is furious with her, her continued usage shows that she s still somewhat connected to the idea of becoming cooler than she sees herself.Also, the epilogue is a bit out of tone with the rest, feeling like the epilogue to a novel it is than the last entry of a girl s summer typewritten diary as written, to tie up loose ends Nevertheless, this is highly recommended for fans of well written contemporary YA. This is going to be a pretty short review because i don t have a whole lot to say I really wanted to like And Then Things Fall Apart but there was not much about this book that I actually enjoyed.I think all of the Sylvia Plath was a little too much for me I feel like since I have never read The Bell Jar, i missed out on half of this book just because I didn t get any of the references I always felt like I was missing something I also really couldn t connect with Keek very well I felt like something was missing there The way she reacted to her parents just seemed sort of flat to me and I really couldn t understand her relationship with her boyfriend.One of my biggest pet peeves is over doing the chat speak in text messages There are some text messages in this book that I literally had no idea what they were about due to extreme text talk There s no reason that I, a 20 year old girl, shouldn t be able to interpret text speak but I really couldn t in this book.Just because I didn t like this book doesn t mean others aren t going to like it I actually do recommend it if you are one of those English major types or just like Sylvia Plath or have at least read The Bell Jar. Oh my goodness, this book did nothing for me The only thing I enjoyed was the scattered poetry in between chapters and view spoiler the confrontation between Keek and Amanda hide spoiler