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I don t think I can ever give any of Karen Swan s books a rating of less than 5 stars I love reading her stories They always have everything I need and want in contemporary novels Pia Soto is the sexy and glamorous prima ballerina She s wild and precocious, and she s a survivor Sophie O Farrell is Pia s hapless, gawky assistant, always falling in love with the wrong man or just falling over When a devastating accident threatens to cut short Pia s illustrious career, Sophie has to step out of her shadows and face up to the demons in her own life.Two heroines, each with their own stories and struggles It s hard not to like heroines who are arrogant or uncaring on the outside, but are actually vulnerable and struggling on the inside And this is a clich , sort of And from clich s, Karen writes stories that are different from the norm of the contemporary literary world , but reflective of the real world We all think of war and poverty as one the major things that give man heartache and they are, and they do But we also forget that the mere calling of names, putting down people, lying and cheating are equally heartbreaking and saddening KS weaves a story out of this miseries , that speaks to the reader even if you haven t been directly involved in one It didn t feel like a made up story, where you just proceed to the next page to know how it was resolved It was like being part of the story itself, experiencing everything the characters were feeling.Karen Swan is ruthless On her characters She doesn t hesitate on punishing her characters when they misbehaved This is not a fairy tale, where the heroines are being maltreated because they are the heroes of the book But with KS s stories, the heroines are being punished because they did something wrong It seems trivial, but it s helpful to be reminded that just because you re the lead in your life story, it doesn t mean that when something bad happened to you, it was because someone did something bad to you.I love this Sometimes, I wish there was a super fan function here on Goodreads There are some authors who I m a fan of because I want to be updated with their works, etc But there are some like Karen Swan , who doesn t have a Goodreads account, but I clicked Be A Fan anyway because I just am.There are still a lot of her novels that I haven t read, and I m excited I just wished it was readily available here in the Philippines.Else, I m going to London I wish Hahaha Such a disappointment I ve read four books previously by this author which I loved This felt like it was written by somebody else I believe it s a very early book by this author and she clearly hadn t found her voice yet I like a trashy read every so often but this took it to another level It started well but I m giving up at 50% because I can feel my brain cells giving up with every page I read. I love this book The entire story was captivating, even from the beginning I love how it started with an epilogue, to give like a warning to the readers I loved how the epilogue ended, raising questions in the readers mind But most of all, I love how the plot of the book is not filled with unrealistic love notions like most chick flick books The book is in fact, filled with love that are realistic None of those ridiculous proclamations of love when the guy first met the girl, or a prolonged proclamation of love where it took the character a page to finally let the significant other know the extent of his her love I also love the characterisation of this book It was not like some books that are filled with bullshit and how perfect the characters are I love how the characters in this book resembles real people How they are also deeply flawed, no matter how perfect they try to seem to be Personally, I think it is through the flaws that the readers could connect to the characters And that connection is very important in a book Lastly, I love how the book is centred on 2 completely different protagonist It s just amazing to see how to women living two different lives but somehow are connected through their mistakes Overall, I think it s a beautiful book that deserve much attention. It was an ok read a bit long for me and the book was quoted as bring an romantic read but I didn t think it was.I felt the storyline was dragged out and didn t really like the main character Glad really that id borrowed it from the library After only discovering Karen swan last year I have quickly become a fan of her writing style and ability to draw you in to the story within the first page or two This book was no different Whilst I rated this book 4 stars this was simply because the love interests didn t really blossom until later in the book but that was my only negative point The book centres around two characters who both are running from their pasts and careers are tested I loved the feeling of being in the ballet world it feel like we were getting to see the behind the scenes footage and not just the pretty performances I love how Karen can create an intriguing storyline and always manages to surprise the reader Delightfully witty, realistic and utterly enthralling Prima Donna is set in the world of ballet where sexy, bad girl Pia Soto, ChiCi s ballerina sensation has had a tragic accident that crushes her right foot Playing cat and mouse with Will Silk a callous financier who has his sights set on controlling the wild and wilful star, he steps in taking Pia to an Orthopedic Hospital in London, and then home to his estate where he sets up a rigorous therapeutic program to ensure her recovery in four short months In two alternate stories Sophie O Farrell Pia s hapless, gawky but hardworking assistant who continually falls for inconsiderate men is fired after the accident but finds her own career as a talented artist taking off while becoming swept up in the plot of a rival ballerina Good looking and athletic Tanner Ludgrove, the polo manager at the stud farm next to Silk s home despises him and is determined to stop years of hatred by ending their contract, only to become immersed in the intrigues that seem to keep Pia bound to the ruthless entrepreneur Running from the pain in their pasts the three lives intertwine in fascinating ways that keep you riveted to the story from beginning to end.Well written and smoothly paced, emotional tension heats up when Ava Petrova, Pia s replacement with the ChiCi company instigates a rivalry that includes not only taking the ballerina s place, seducing her former partner Adam and inducing Sophie s friendship while away from the spotlight the Brazilian prima donna is faced with a struggle that has her trying to avoid Silk and clashing with Tanner, the man who saves her from drowning Cleverly Karen Swan slowly brings to light the demons each of the main characters face while introducing surprising twists that could spawn love and promising futures Complex and natural the characters have as many weaknesses as strengths, like Pia Soto who s haunted by a loss that leaves her driven, rebellious and proud Temperamental, she can be tactless and hot headed, has no friends and is very self absorbed In contrast, although sexually promiscuous like Pia, Sophia O Farrell on her own since age fifteen is hardworking, naive and has little self confidence A talented artist she is easy prey for the ambitious and underhanded Ava Conniving and manipulative Will Silk is determined, powerful and arrogant while Tanner Ludgrove, a man haunted by the pain in his past is honest, confident, but also demanding, obstinate and condescending All fuel the story with passion, spirit and emotional drama.I like Prima Donna an exciting roller coaster, so different from other romances. .Free E-pub ☥ Prima Donna ☤ Breaking The Rules Was What She Liked Best That Was Her Sport Renegade, Rebel, Bad Girl Getting Away With ItPia Soto Is The Sexy And Glamorous Prima Ballerina, The Brazilian Bombshell Who S Shaking Up The Ballet World With Her Outrageous Behaviour She S Wild And Precocious, And She S A Survivor Having Spent Her Life Running From The Darkness In Her Past, She S Determined That No Man Will Ever Control Her Destiny But Ruthless Financier Will Silk Has Pia In His Sights, And Has Other IdeasSophie O Farrell Is Pia S Hapless, Gawky Assistant, The Girl Next Door To Pia S Prima Donna, Always Falling In Love With The Wrong Man Or Just Falling Over Sophie Sets Her Own Dreams Aside To Pick Up The Debris In Pia S Wake, But She S No Angel, And When A Devastating Accident Threatens To Cut Short Pia S Illustrious Career, Sophie Has To Step Out Of The Shadows And Face Up To The Demons In Her Own Life The first book by Karen Swan I read was actually The Rome Affair I loved the story, loved how she developed the story keeping me craving for Prima Donna and Players are her first works and definitively not as defined and sophisticated as her later books However, they are still entertaining, interesting and relaxing One can detect how she incorporated her experiences from her former work life into the stories, sex scenes, jet set it all moves along nicely, still raw and bold I particularly liked to compare her style between the books and witness the development of a writer I am looking forward to reading by her. Pia Soto is a lady who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it Sophie O Farrell is her put upon assistant who will do whatever it takes to keep Pia happy, going above and beyond her job description to ensure that happens.Putting these two characters together drew me into the story immediately But it s what happens when they have to exist separately that makes the story what it is Watching their lives move away from each other, seeing them find different paths in order to survive as best they can, endeared them both to me.The way the author concludes the story is brilliant I will definitely be checking out her other books now. So this is by far one of my favourite books I think I have ever read The plot, the twists, the way the stories intertwined was amazing This is one of three books in my life I have ever re read, and the only one I had reread twice and within the last couple of years This book is the reason I began noticing the author, and fell in love with her This book was amazing, I can t say that enough about this.