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Ostensibly a detective story revolving around the brutal murder of a family and the arson of a library, it is actually of an anti detective story, rife with digression and distracted by what appears to be the end of times manifested in a series of cataclysmic environmental events Add to this interleaved and possibly delusional emails from a person named Emmanuel to the anti detective narrator, with whom he is connected in what way is later revealed Within these emails unfold tales of interconnected messianic cults, beginning with that of Fra Dolcino, whose story Emmanuel relates from the pages of Marcel Schwob s semi biographical work Imaginary Lives Through these history lessons an alternate explanation of the crimes shapes itself, in contrast to the banal leads followed up by the narrator, who has a penchant for telling people what they want to hear, seemingly out of a mixture of native empathy and a world weariness born of years living under government oppression Rooted in a nested form of storytelling, for such a short novel it is rather convoluted and multi faceted A few well placed barbs of sardonic wit help buoy the spirits as one traverses this often grim labyrinth that somewhat unexpectedly offers a pinch of revelatory reward toward its close.Note This is the second book of a trilogy based in the town of Ulcinj I mistakenly read it first it was the first translated into English for some reason , but it doesn t seem that the order matters, as I think the setting is the only common denominator. Bu kitap hakk ndaki d ncelerimi y ld zlarla ifade edemem nk s ylemeliyim ki ger ekten de bu kitaba benzer bir kitap okumam t m daha nce Benim i in farkl , yeni bir deneyimdi Be enip be enmedi im hakk nda bile bir fikrim yok u an kinci bir okumaya ihtiyac m var. Apparently I have a tendency to pick up books with obscure, 14th Century, culty, church history in them I don t go out of my way to find it And this time I was a bit blindsided by it But here we are Be warned people, I am a magnet for boring, unnecessary, possibly made up theology Yay.There is not much else to say about this book without giving it away although I am not sure you can It s so short, yet it took me a month to read it I will say this, this book is not a whodunnit, no matter what the blurbs imply It s not a crime noir novel, as the first chapter suggests And it s not really a doomsday novel I m still not sure what the point at all was In this wonderful, short and at times than slightly perplexing novel a brutal murder near Ulcinj Montenegro is unravelled through stories told by the private detective investigating the crime a misanthropic Philip Marlow esque character who cynically tells his clients answers that will make them feel better, even if it isn t true and a Viennese patient at a psychiatric hospital somewhere in the Austrian Slovenian Alps In one version, we have a hard boiled tale of envy, anger and resentment in the other, a circuitous tale of medieval millenarian cults straddling the Holy Roman and Ottoman Empires with the recovery of the third testament The Book of the Coming Oh, and it snows, in June, then the sea level rises and it seems that the apocalypse nears, as the millenarian cult s 13th century prediction of the end of the world comes closer.Nikolaidis, in spinning this tale both mundane and fantastical, does not shy away from the big, linking the murder to Thomas M ntzer, heretical Franciscans, the Yugoslav war of the 1990s and the effects of global warming All the while, he leaves just enough of a gap between the parallel narratives explaining the murder to allow each or both to be plausible, given that for all their eccentric perorations, each has a tone of verisimilitude, although realism would be stretching it a bit far The blurb, written in part by Slavoj i ek, invokes Dashiell Hammet, Umberto Eco and Orhan Parmuk high praise even for i ek at his most hyperbolic but not misplaced Bought on spec I d never read anything by a Montenegrin writer and well worth it It is from a small publishing house specialising in south east European writers on the basis of this, I ll be looking for.What s it comes with a listing for a soundtrack, featuring REM, the Sex Pistols, Bat For Lashes anf The Jesus and Mary Chain, amongst others it may be something for a Spotify play list. 2 kitab n n ikisid q ng idi.F rqli lk ,f rqli dad ,amma eyni d nc Although this is a novella in length, it is certainly not a quick read Indeed, it is poetic, lyrical, thought provoking and is something to be savoured slowly and not rushed This is the first book by Andrej Nikolaidis which has been translated into English Nikolaidis himself comes from a mixed Montenegrin Greek family and is an ardent supporter of Montenegrin independence.This novella begins with the massacre of a family Our narrator is a private detective, but this is no simple mystery Rather, what begins as the story of a gruesome mass murder, deepens into something different As well as the murders, we read that the library in the small town of Ulcinj has been burnt down Then it starts to snow in June The chapters are interspersed with emails from the detective s son, Emmanuel We read that he is confined for his own good, but have no further information at first As his story unfolds, he is constantly delving off into various different subjects there are musings on theology, history and family It is like walking a path by the most circuitous route, with many detours.I was very impressed with this novella It is sometimes dark, even disturbing in parts, and will make you question what you are reading If reading groups are looking for something short in length, but with many themes to discuss, then I would not hesitate to recommend this.I received a copy of this book from the publisher for review. |DOWNLOAD ☽ Dolazak ♿ Amazing E Book, Dolazak By Andrej Nikolaidis This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Dolazak, Essay By Andrej Nikolaidis Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Olduk a ak c bir kitap, kendini kolayl kla okutuyor Yazar n ad n ilk defa duydu um i in temkinli yakla m t m, ancak kitab severek okudum ve bir iki g nde de bitirdim Burada kitap hakk nda daha fazla yorum bulabilirsiniz Apokalyptisk krimi noir fra Montenegro Ganske god l sning, selv om den korte roman med sine relativt lange strejftog i den europ iske millenarismes historie vil lidt mere, end den magter at indl se.L s hele anmeldelsen p K s bognoter This book was all over the place It started with a man trying to solve the mystery of an entire family being murdered We find out that the man investigating,just tells the families what they want to hear, not what actually happen He does find out who did it, but then just lets the man get away with it.We throw in a library being burned to the ground, because of one book that was being burneda cover up from the town a few hundred years ago.A cow being butchered in the street, and a son the man just found out he had The son we find out is the product of a different case, where the man ends up telling the woman a different tale on how her father was actually murdered And throughout the book, the son is sending emails about the history of a book.I was confused, but kept reading, waiting to see where it lead me.but I was not satisfied with the end I still don t know the point of the story, I either missed it, or is want there.