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!Download ♕ On a Highland Shore ⚔ From Acclaimed Historical Novelist Kathleen Givens Comes A Magnificently Conceived, Intricately Detailed Novel That Brings To Vivid Life The Tumult, Adventure, And Passion Of Thirteenth Century Scotland, When Norse Invaders Laid Claim To The Land And Its People And An Explosive Clash Of Cultures, Politics, And Personal Pride Changed The World ForeverOn Scotland S Western Shore, The Village Of Somerstrath Prepares For The Joyous Wedding Celebration Of Margaret MacDonald, The Laird S Daughter But A Dark Storm Of Bloodshed And Betrayal Is Closing In, As A Merciless Band Of Vikings Threatens The Highlands Margaret Is Determined To Hold The MacDonald Clan Together And To Locate Her Abducted Younger Brother But Can She Trust The Noblemen From King Alexander S Court, Who Insist That Only By Adhering To A Betrothal Conceived For Political Gain Will She Find Safety Or Should She Put Her Trust In An Imposing Half Irish, Half Norse Warrior Gannon MacMagnus Alone Offers Her Hope Of Reuniting Her Family And Vanquishing The Barbarous Norsemen Who Would Continue To Rob Her People Of Their God Given Right To Determine Their Own Destinies In Whom Should Margaret Entrust The Fate Of The Rugged, Magnificent Land She Calls Home This definitely makes you want to read the next one I loved all of the real history woven into the story. I really would give this book 1.5 stars if I could I originally read it because it seemed to be in the same vein as Diana Gabaldon s Outlander series, and I needed a fix But the two authors aren t even comparable Cliche, trite, and poorly written all came to mind while reading this book The bad guys were just bad, no reedeeming qualities, the good guys were all perfect, no flaws, and the author really missed a lot of opportunities to take a decent story and turn it into something wonderful I could care less what happens to Davy, I won t be reading the rest of series There s no depth to Gannon, very little to Margaret, and Nell is so cotton candy sweet it s annoying I like real characters, not just facades. I m trying to find another author s work to compare this novel to but I keep coming up short Kathleen Givens is like a hardy mix of my favourite authors a gritty Jude Deveraux, a loved up Philippa Gregory, a purley historical Barbara Erskine This was truly one of my favourite purely historical depictions of Scotland.The most powerful aspect of this novel was certainly the characterisation Whilst some reviewers have found this lacking, I felt the protagonists to be diverse and perfectly matched The antagonist was equally well crafted and just pure evil There are many scenes of his doing which are both repulsive and haunting Well before the end of this book, you ll be cheering for the bad guy to get it Many Scottish Clans were the victims of raids just like the ones Givens writes about and this novel truly places your heart in a different time and place It reminds you that tragedy has followed humankind through history and its effects have not been lessened by the passing of time Givens did not shy from depicting the rich tapestry of human emotions emparting on the reader a sense of deeper understanding of Scottish pride and courage.Weaved within this narrative of a nation is the deeply satisfying love story of Margaret and Gannon The novel is beautifully layered to keep your suspense and works itself into a frenetic pace by about page 250 The romance plot is centre stage enough to satisfy a romance reader but possibly doesn t contain the same level of eroticism as other novels in the genre I think there s too much else going on for the characters to be spending all their time in bed Read this novel if You have a fascination in either Scots or Vikings and don t mind a bit of romance.Don t read this novel if You re looking for something strictly accurate The author does admit she freely embellished the facts. I really love the cover art The castle has a remarkable location on a hill top close to the rich blue green sea Splendid I truly could not put it down When my colleague poke me, I wave my hand and put a sign be silent my boss was in the meeting for the whole day I really loved the story A great read and a keeper She delivers a story that will keep you reading I heard that she passed away in year 2010 It s a loss for all historical romance readers She was a great storyteller.I ve just ordered Kilgannon and Torridon series from ebay Looking forward to reading from herps I wondering what happen to Davey, Nell and stranger named Liam. Simply Superb One of My Favorites From a Favorite Author Kathleen Givens was an award winning author of Scottish historicals, each rich in historical detail and each a story I consider to be a keeper Set in 13th century Scotland, this tells the story of Margaret MacDonald and Gannon MacMagnus, who find love out of misfortune and the changes that take their lives from the paths they were to take In both this book and its sequel, RIVALS FOR THE CROWN, Kathleen Givens does a superb job of weaving English and Scottish history into an epic romance and a tale of Scottish Highlander families swept up in the great themes of Scotland s history I grew to love these men and women and felt like they could have easily been real people people who experienced deep, lasting love, demanding challenges and heartrending losses Her writing is so believable, I often found myself reading these tales late into the night These are not formula romance books but sweeping historical novels well worth the read You won t be disappointed There are fewer love scenes than in some romances but the ones included are tender and well worth the wait The sexual tension she creates fits the story well and is consistent with the characters When I finished the two books I mourned the ending of the stories and craved from her She has two other 2 book series out all Scottish historicals THE LEGEND and THE DESTINY and KILGANNON and THE ROSE OF KILGANNON They are all we will have of her work as she passed away in early 2010 It s a loss for all her readers I think she was a great talent. Gannon MacMagnus is a beautiful, strapping man, half Irish and half Norseman.a proud man, a decent man, an honourable man He has left his home in Ireland to accompany his uncle to Scotland to help those who have been raided by a band of vicious Vikings It is here that he encounters Margaret MacDonaldhis destiny Margaret MacDonald is the eldest daughter of a prominent laird in Scotland She is betrothed to a powerful man, Lachlan, a cousin to the King But when Lachlan betrays Margaret with her best friend, she is determined to end the betrothal But as the times dictate, Margaret is to wed Lachlan for the good of her clan But this becomes the least of her worries, when upon her return home from court, Margaret and her brother and sister discover their village in ruins, every man and women brutally murdered and the carnage left for them to see Margaret must somehow rebuild her life and help her people She is told her destiny is to be with the golden one and that she will fight dragons Is Gannon her golden one Will she choose the right path and be forever happy or die a tragic death I was totally engrossed with this story I have never read a book set in the early 13th century, or one that deals with Norsemen in Scotland I was intrigued by the history of this time period, including the battles for land and the raids by the Vikings on the people living on the Western shores of Scotland But what truly held me were the characters created by this author I was immediately taken with Gannon His strength of will and commitment to his family and people were remarkable But I feel that it was the heroine, Margaret, that took center stage She was one strong willed, loving, smart and determined woman She was not one to be easily bullied by men, something rare for a female of the time She knew what she wanted.a safe land for her people, a place to call home, and true love with a partner who would honestly listen to her I could feel her emotions so often in the storyI felt her outrage at her betrayal, her overwhelming grief at the loss of her family, and the soaring of her heart when she looked at Gannon Although this is a historical romance, it is so much There isn t the usual happy fluff This is an intense tale filled with the political and social realities of the time There are suspenseful and sometimes graphic battle scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat Woven within all of this is the emotionally satisfying love story of Margaret and Gannon I could not put this book down and I highly recommend it to all readers You will gasp, cringe, cry and laugh You will become immersed in a time and place that could be both brutally harsh and epically beautiful And you will want to read just as I do. WARNING This book is not for the faint at heart I really, really liked this book I wouldn t say that I loved it, but it was certainly better than most Scot themed books I have read Outside the incomparable Diana Gabaldon s Outlander series Of course Authentic dialogue, and a lot of drama, with heartache, intertwined a fantastic story of survival and love War is profound in the pages, and the after effects of such 100 or so pages into this book, I looked Kathleen Givens up, now interested in reading of what she has written And was saddened to find that she passed away suddenly, earlier this month An immense talent, lost too soon. This read like a high school soap opera masquerading as a historical novel I tried to be patient but it was so cheesy A seer tells the heroine a Golden man will come for her and together they will slay dragons The heroine weeps and sulks for days on end because her betrothed cheated on her with her best friend Like this would be so shocking to her, as a nobleman s daughter contracted into an arranged, political marriage with a typical courtier At least, if you are going to act anachronistically, get mad, not sad Show some spirit, girl Eh Instead we get tedious, repetitive, woe is me, passages, and an embarrassing attempt to ask the King to cancel her betrothal This was not for me DNF at 24%. This novel has been on my physical book shelf for a while This is an extraordinarily well written book of 13th century Scotland with Vikings and the beginnings of Scotland as we know it This book unfolds slowly but the pace is perfect in my opinion It is historical fiction than romance but the love interest between Margaret and Gannon is strong Well written, Gabaldon esque type read Will read by this author and hope it doesn t take me 3 4 years to get to it Well done, lovely read of a time period that I have not really read about before.